NEWSFLASH – FCC Aware Most TV Content is Harmful Propaganda:

By Peter Klein

The FCC’s original charter was somewhat ambiguous. Over time, its charter has changed to accommodate evolving technology and establishment interests. The FCC does provide some valuable services to the public…spectrum allocation, regulation of emergency communication networks, etc. That is, if those services aren’t simply unnecessary busy work or, worse yet…their intent isn’t to benefit the public. Maybe it never has been.

This American Lie – Prog Media Reports Fake News about IMS

By IMS Staff

The March 15, 2019 episode of This American Life entitled, Beware the Jabberwock – Stories from the upside-down world where conspiracy theorists dwell reports about our group. Most of what they report is false or misleading, so this short video is intended to set the record straight with regard to what was reported.

You Are the Free Press, Stupid

By Peter Klein

The clampdown on free speech is quickening. Even this very video report is being re-uploaded after being removed from social media. What can you do to express yourself without limitations or retaliation? Back in April 2018, Kentucky was voting whether to honor its prior teacher pension obligations. Coincidentally, IMS had just made new press passes. It was a perfect time to test out the effectiveness of the independent journalist press pass.

Are You a Nazi Racist? – Part I

By Peter Klein
How well do animals take to you? Domesticated animals like cats and dogs may naturally trust you. But it’s unlikely that a squirrell will hop on your shoulder and allow you to hand feed it acorns. To make that possible would require great patience. To do anything requiring that much patience would also require great determination. To be so determined to earn that level of trust with a wild animal would likely require a strong interest in or love of animals.