Flash Back: Rumsfeld Presents bin Laden’s Underground Fortresses on Meet the Press

Can you remember what you were doing on December 2nd, 2001? I sure can. Well, I can only assume that I was watching Meet the Press. I know this because I recall Tim Russert (deceased) interviewing Donald Rumsfeld about Bin Laden’s underground cave complexes. I’ve since gleaned from sources on the web the December 2nd date of this interview. Nearly two decades have past which certainly provides a buffer between then and now.

It’s last call for reflection on what we watched back then.
Put your pencils down.
We’re going to look at the facts of a story of truly mythological proportion.
What will we learn?
I don’t know.
Let’s see.

Donald Rumsfeld

In the first few months following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the US government including the military and intelligence agencies were very busy either trying to figure out what happened and what to do or were executing a plan and cutting loose strings as they popped up. In either case, there was much activity. Seeing the climate of fear and the collective yearning for retaliation around them, the enterprising bureaucrats would have been fools not to capitalize on this sentiment.

Pulling from their pre-prepared wish lists, they noted many items relating to invasion of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and others. Also on the list were items related to psy-ops against the American people. And, of course there’s always those obligatory items sent down from the globalist overlords like establishing central banks and destabilizing countries to manipulate the global economy to their advantage. Overlook these items and they were sure to get a sardonic face up in their faces.

How does all this culminate on December 2nd, 2001 and the Tim Russert, Donald Rumsfeld interview? I call to your attention the following graphic, which was a primary talking point for Rumsfeld during the interview.

Bin Laden’s Alleged Mountain Fortress

Tim Russert from his IMDB Page

I should point out that, it wasn’t Rumsfeld who elaborated on the graphic. Russert was clearly stoked at the chance to break it down for his audience, he being a consummate journalist and veteran liar. Yes, you read the title correctly. It reads, “Bin Laden’s Mountain Fortress.” While the graphic appeared during the program, an on-screen credit was given to The Times of London. Although, I haven’t confirmed it’s origin that seems like a reasonable source.

I won’t bother going into the back-story, laying out all the steps this myth traveled on its ascent to super-mythdom. This wasn’t Rumsfeld’s plot. He just saw an opportunity to puke acidic chunks of bile into the face of America for personal gain, and jumped on it. In short, Rumsfeld and by association the entire US government was telling us that the graphic depicted one of many super-hi-tech fortresses at the disposal of Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda army.

To quote Rumsfeld,

And there’s not one of those. There are many of those. And they have been used very effectively. And I might add, Afghanistan is not the only country that has gone underground. Any number of countries have gone underground. The tunneling equipment that exists today is very powerful. It’s dual use. It’s available across the globe. And people have recognized the advantages of using underground protection for themselves.

Regardless of who wrote the original script for this fantastic disinformation, they all knew it was complete bullshit bordering on lunacy. I’m surprised they ran with it, considering it included claims that these underground bunkers featured entrances large enough for supply trucks to pass through despite the complexes being at a depth of 1,150 feet and contained hydroelectric power generators fueled by mountain streams. Damn! Those were some awe-inspiring streams.

My favorite feature of the graphic is the call-out which read, “There have been reports that bin Laden has been moving around the area on horseback.” Classic! A totally unrelated and speculative data-point tacked on, presumably to make the whole thing more believable? Here’s one that could have been added…“It’s been reported that the Blue Whale is the largest animal on earth.” They even added a couple little dudes on horses trotting about. Oh yeah, I’ve heard that Batman would often patrol the perimeter of his mutli-million dollar bat cave on his tricked-out BMX bike.

Here’s a brief clip from the program where they posit this sick joke…

Meet the Press: December 2nd, 2001

Do I need to draw you a graphic of my own to illustrate what I’m getting at here? Don’t be offended by this. You may have smelled this funny shit from the get go. Even if, as in my case the stench didn’t reach your nose until sometime after it was too late. But it isn’t too late. We have confirmation that these sick psychopaths lie to us all. And worse still, they think so little of us and have absolutely no fear we’ll get wise to them. Maybe we should look at this graphic each time a representative of our government has some information to tell us. At each proposed legislation, we can whip out this graphic to remind us to be more critical.

I thought to present this editorial because of recent events involving Usama bin Laden. Do you see? Despite bin Laden dying no later than February 2002, we’re to believe he was gunned down just the other day. And, although George H. W. Bush would sometimes stay at the bin Laden’s residence when visiting the middle east, Usama bin Laden is terrorist number one and hates our freedoms. And, although we’re in a frenzy to gain whatever intelligence can be uncovered on bin Laden’s flash drives, we shot him dead as he was saying…“Hold on a sec….ahhhgghhh.”

Thanks to Edward Jay Epstein and his Fictoid #3: The lair of bin Laden for the comprehensive research on this topic.

Edward Jay Epstein – Fictoid #3: The lair of bin Laden

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