Satanic Pedophilia within Our Society

By Tony Mead

As the headlines are teeming with such stories as the Harvey Weinstein scandal and admissions of involvement in sexual misconduct by the infamous from Justin Beiber to Kevin Spacey, it is an important time for us to look deeper into what is really going on in our world today! Actually, this is not some new phenomenon and is certainly not limited to those prominent Hollywood actors and notorious musicians, but instead, permeates every corner of people in power in our society and has done for centuries.

Click and Dagger

By Paul Bennett

Russia is now at the center of the Asian Land Mass, spanning from Spain to Shanghai. Her prospects are very bright indeed, and no amount of fake news will derail the ongoing unification of the Asian Continent.

“First of all, China has enough productive capacity to basically service its own market now. It’s got over a billion people. That’s a big enough market for anything. In addition to that, China now has a rail connection between Shanghai and Rotterdam. This is the end of the influence of the American Navy, which is the successor to the British Navy. Leviathan can’t blockade these ports anymore. And so therefore the ‘MacKinder Thesis’ is fulfilled. It’s over. We have to come to grips with this new situation instead of constantly rehashing the clichés of the failed English Free Trade system. It’s over. It failed. The people don’t want it anymore.” — E Michael Jones

It’s not surprising that Russia is losing the Fake News Race. Protected behind an Iron Curtain for 47 years, Russia has not yet been able to master the mass media skills that were created by and perfected by Western agents. This is of course admirable in a certain light, since fake news is offensive to our sensibilities. But the fact is, this is how modern diplomacy is accomplished, and sooner or later Russia is going to have to learn the game. The fake investigation of the fake poisoning is being pursued by fake journalists and fake criminologists for the entertainment of the mass media and the maneuverings of politicians. It is always tempting to take the high road and ignore such shady dealings. After all, Russia is now at the center of the Asian Land Mass, spanning from Spain to Shanghai. Her prospects are very bright indeed, and no amount of fake news will derail the ongoing unification of the Asian Continent.

Yet it can be delayed. English and American agencies may still be dedicated to the maintenance of Britain’s 500-year-old policy of divide and conquer, but their points of rupture have been vastly reduced in recent years. Obviously they are focused on the breaking points in Syria and Iran, but the rails continue to be laid down in arcs of shorter and shorter length. Once forbidden paths are now being actively negotiated, and the writing is on the wall. The future is all Asia. The MacKinder Thesis is complete.

Future infrastructure investment is going to be all on the Asian Continent (which includes Europe). The British and their American successors built their empires on dividing the Asian Continent against itself and now that rail lines connect Europe with the Far East a historical shift has occurred. China can now deal directly with the Middle East and Europe: over land. Sea travel is no longer required.

The numerous and varied lands on the Asian Continent could always have traded with one another directly over land, cheaply, using rails. Of course, Europe has always been noticeably attached to the rest of the Asian land mass. The only reason we (and everyone else) mentally divided Europe from Asia is completely due to British propaganda. The British Empire was built on sea power. Sea power needs sea traffic to regulate. If there is no sea traffic then there can be no sea power. Because the British successfully kept Europe separated from Asia for so many years they were able to profit off all the sea traffic between Europe and the Far East.

The Far East is no longer far from Europe. At one time it was cheaper for Europe to deal with America than to deal with customers on the far side of their own Continent. The tiny island nation of England was able to use its sea power to remain a relevant parasite in a world looking to transact deals without British interference. As long as the big manufacturers had to move their products by sea, island nations profited one way or another. Those days are over. Asia can now ship products quickly and cheaply directly to every part of the Asian land mass, from Spain to Shanghai, without ever once having to load them onto and off of slow shipping.

World power has finally tipped away from the sea powers surrounding the “Eurasian” land mass. From now on the Americas will be considered external and unnecessary to the Asian/European powerhouse. Asia no longer needs us. Asia can get everything it needs from within itself. World maps will from now on be focused on the center of Asia (and not on England as they are now), probably somewhere in Russia, with the forgotten British island nations scattered on the periphery, and the Americas nowhere to be seen.

In the meantime there is a lot of investments to be disposed of. American elites are playing for time as they exchange their failing prospects for productive Asian property. Every crisis is a potential point of leverage, with our big players trying to gain a momentary edge over the opposition. US military occupation and ISIS forces have temporarily divided Iran from Europe, but no one expects this stalemate to last forever. The chess match continues between lofty elites even though the outcome is inescapable. America’s seized territory in the Middle East just happens to encompass the optimum paths for pipelines. Coincidence? I think not. Russia also began planning pipelines to Europe, and soon afterwards the Ukraine was destabilized. Surprised? No, America’s elites are trying to save whatever they can from their misfortune. There are fascinating machinations going on behind the scenes, but all we get to see is the fake news.


Self-Driving Cars are a Fraud, a Money Making Scheme

You will never be driven to work by a fully autonomous vehicle. That was Fake News, and that shouldn’t be a surprise.

The self driving car or fully autonomous vehicle craze is a scam, based on my analysis. It wasn’t some little-known detail I came to possess or statistical trends that led me to this conclusion. It was my knowledge of AI, my experience as an independent journalist, my knowledge of corporate and government corruption, a little common sense and even my religious views.

This article looks at the current state of the still-emerging phenomenon, the various players and related issues. It presents some information about AI, a technology integral to autonomous vehicles and considers what since the dawn of the automobile was meant by the term “driver.” The weight of evidence led me to conclude, as I think you will that the fully autonomous vehicle (AV) is a dubious pipe dream, unlikely to ever become a reality.

How Autonomous?

I’m not saying limited driver assistance technology is a scam or that there won’t be new automated features to come. Automated features already available in traditional, human-driven vehicles include such features as ABS, crash-avoidance, blind-spot monitoring, forward-collision warning, lane-departure warning and others.

I’m not even saying that you’ll never take a drive that won’t require you to touch the steering wheel. My skepticism is specifically about fully autonomous cars in which the car can drive itself anywhere you would normally drive, and in which your attention isn’t required.

The Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE) has developed a widely accepted autonomous vehicle classification system. It ranges from no automation to full automation. I’ve included my viability assessment on the right.

If your car has parking assist or beeps if you get too close to something when backing up, you’re already enjoying Partial Driving Automation, #2 in the classification system above. Clearly I’m not challenging the viability of technology already widely implemented. My claims pertain to classifications #3, #4 and #5. This includes all forms of automated driving that doesn’t require a human attendant or custodian at all times.

I’m most skeptical of classification #5, fully autonomous driving. To date, no such vehicle exists even as a prototype. There’s nothing even close. But to hear the way AV proponents tell it, its existence is inevitable.

Who’s Driving?

Every law regulating automobile driving since the invention of the concept involves at least 3 things, a car, a road and a driver. I guess the focus of my contention rests on what is meant by “driver.” Most definitions of “driver” generally define it as, “a person who drives a car, truck, etc.” Ah. So now we must define “person.” Most dictionaries define “person” as, “a human being regarded as an individual.

Can you begin to see where a fundamental problem may exist? Laws that define what is meant by “driving” or “driver” are premised on the actions of a “person” or “individual.” In US law driving is not a right. It’s deemed a privilege with accompanying responsibilities. The party responsible would logically be the driver. I think the definition of driver as a person is inextricable without completely reinventing the concept of the personal automobile. There is no shortcut to the artificial intelligence (AI) systems of AV being a substitute for a real person.

In my view, the only hope for a truly self-driving car rests on the state of AI. I can’t help but think of the author and futurist, Ray Kurzweil. The American media have fawned over the guy for decades now. But I suspect Ray and how he is promoted is very much like Albert Einstein. Both fall far short of the claims made about them, the hype surrounding them being fabricated for purposes I can only speculate.

Ray is famous partly for conceiving the idea of the “singularity,” the hypothetical point in time at which artificial intelligence will match that of human intelligence. But the whole notion is confusing and probably misleading. Note the very specific language in one of Ray’s famous predictions.

“Supercomputers will achieve one human brain capacity by 2010, and personal computers will do so by about 2020.”

The human brain and mind are two different things entirely. The notion of the “singularity” and the take-away of that quote imply that a computer will be as intelligent as a human by 2010. How does “human brain capacity” compare to intelligence? I assume it doesn’t.

This form of misleading and exaggeration are what plagues the entire field of AI. Every form of AI I’ve come across is rudimentary with a narrow range of functionality. From my experience AI is great for limited-scope applications. Conversely where it fails is in multi-faceted applications or where a broad range of functionality is required.

I’ve been reading for years about the secret government super-computers and their incredible abilities. I’ve even read theories that claim reality itself is produced by a super-computer. Putting these more outrageous claims aside, I haven’t seen any examples of AI that could come close to performing the task of driving a vehicle safely and responsibly.

Who or What is ‘Driving’ this Medicine Show?

A 2015 study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) rated driver fatalities for 2011 model year vehicles. They found an average 28 driver deaths per 1 million vehicles per year. That’s vehicles, not miles driven. That seems like an astonishingly low number of deaths, no doubt partly the result of improvements to vehicle design and numerous safety measures. Many 2011 vehicles came equipped with ABS, side air-bags and electronic stability control. But with so few deaths attributed to human drivers it’s certainly not an epidemic.

If the race to produce a self-driving car isn’t fueled by an epidemic of driver fatalities, then what IS fueling it? Is it insurance industry hopes for higher profits? Could be. We’ll get to that. Is it consumer demand? Consumers do seem to be quite stupid these days seeing as their usual news sources are lying to them. Are Jane and Joe American chomping at the bit for AVs, and at what price?

In Deloitte’s 2018 Global Automotive Consumer Study, 47% of Americans thought AVs will not be safe, way down from 74% when questioned in 2017. Is their confidence in safety rising or are they just yielding to the hype? 63% of Americans reported they would be more likely to ride in an AV made by a brand they trusted. 38% of Americans reported they were unwilling to pay more for AVs, or electric vehicles for that matter.

An MIT study from 2017 asked 3,000 Americans if they would ever buy a car that was completely self-driving. 48% said, “Hell no.” Only 20% of Americans aged 25-34 would be comfortable with fully autonomous vehicles, the MIT study found. Older Americans were even less comfortable.

The article that linked me to this study was entitled, “Consumers Don’t Really Want Self-Driving Cars, MIT Study Finds.” I found many other articles with similar titles like, “Gartner Survey Reveals 55 Percent of Respondents Will Not Ride in a Fully Autonomous Vehicle” and “Consumers Still Anxious about Autonomous Cars.

So if the source fueling the AV craze isn’t a driver fatality epidemic, the insurance industry or consumer demand, who or what then? What about the auto manufacturers and the handful of upstarts, the early adopters of the technology? Surely THEY are suspects. But we shouldn’t rule out the regulators. And that includes government legislators and officials in Washington and all 50 states.

It makes sense that some companies have been founded precisely to capitalize on this potentially new market. It’s even possible that some of them could be pump and dumps, built to grow from investments and speculation as fast as possible. At the pinnacle of their growth the investors pull the plug and exit with whatever profits they can. Even believers and more cautious investors can come out on top of a failed early technology company, if they time it right.

It even makes sense to see fringe and new-fangled transportation service companies like Uber and Lyft getting involved. They’re already viewed as pioneers in a niche market with more recent experience evangelizing untried business models.

To see the likes of Microsoft and Google catch the wave is a no-brainer. They’re known to throw their hats into many rings and just as well known to pull out if needed. They have more options at their disposal and far greater flexibility than most fortune 500s.

It’s the commitment by the Fords and the Audis that puzzled me. Just last month Ford announced it was committing 4 billion dollars to AVs and forming a new subsidiary, Ford Autonomous Vehicles, LLC. Sure, that 4 billion is allocated to last through 2023 but it’s still a sizeable investment. The new LLC will be responsible for fulfilling Ford’s promise to produce a self-driving commercial vehicle by 2021. They better get cracking.

One area of the emerging AV arena where there seems to be more uncertainty than any other is the insurance industry. They face big questions. How will responsibility for accidents be assigned and how will insurers structure coverage?

A few manufacturers have stated they will assume liability if their vehicle’s technology is responsible for an accident. Hmm. Those might be empty promises, since product liability torts are far more costly and time consuming than basic insurance accident settlement. Either way you slice it, it’s going to be difficult to replace the current system to accommodate AVs. Although, there may be hope for an AV insurance industry by implementing a hybrid of product liability and revised no-fault insurance.

If the insurance industry is the source of all this AV hype, we should look for the insurers to have clear plans in place to capitalize on the emerging market. However, no discernable plan can be found. Auto insurance laws are determined by each state. As of late 2017 few state legislatures had done anything to revise existing insurance laws, making it near impossible for the insurance industry to have any definitive plans.

I Should Have Known

When I read about meetings between regulators, law enforcement, industry and advocacy groups on the legal, safety and social issues of AVs, I began to get a sense of who might be fueling the hype.

U.S. Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao said,

“One thing is certain – the autonomous revolution is coming.”

I knew I was close.

A summary of the meeting revealed that law enforcement officials had expressed interest in being able to interact with, direct and potentially control AVs during emergencies. That means they want exclusive, extrajudicial capabilities for what THEY deem to be emergency situations. But their authoritarian wet dream still relies on the viability of AVs. So they are not the source of the hype.

Ford and GM are in bed deep with the federal government on many levels. I assume the government is the “top” in the relationship. 😉 This entanglement began long before the auto industry bailout of 2009. Since then, Ford and GM have both received substantial government loans, GM actually being acquired by the government. The government sold its public stake in GM in 2013, funding the public offering of new GM shares. Not surprisingly both Ford and GM are major players in the emerging AV industry.

As recently as 2009, Ford received a $6 billion loan from the US Dept. of Energy, which it is scheduled to repay by 2022. The loan was part of the highly controversial and scandalous loan guarantee program, a back scratching and pay-to-play money grab for parties lucky enough to be involved.

But the interesting part as it relates to AVs is the relationship between the government and GM. Early in 2018 GM filed a petition with the Transportation Dept. seeking approval to deploy a fleet of cars that will have neither a steering wheel or pedals; a first of its kind. In what may only be street theater for the uninformed, the petition hasn’t been deemed complete or decided on in 6 months. There may be collusion going on here in which the government will have undue influence on GM vehicle design or other factors.

Alphabet, Inc,(Google) also has an incestuous relationship with the US government. The summary report of this Transportation Dept. meeting noted that Waymo, a unit of Alphabet, Inc. called for federal regulation of AVs to avoid a patchwork of state regulations. Google showed its clear preference for a totalitarian partnership with the feds over the constitutional right of the states to legislate and regulate in their own interests.

As expected, money is likely the primary objective fueling the AV hype. And politicians, regulators and corporate pirates are the primary suspects. They may be conspiring to fleece the American people through clean energy initiatives and other business incentive programs that will be sold as logical for AV development. But, as we’ll soon see there’s more to the pursuit of the AV phenomenon.

The Tricks Up Their Sleeves

I’m certain many people promoting full AVs are aware of its uncertain viability or even impossibility. Which begs the question, how do they plan to deal with this reality? I think one way is by moving the goal posts. The proponents have promoted totally self-driven cars. But ultimately they will deliver driver-assisted cars only marginally more advanced than those of today.

In March 2018, in Las Vegas there were Lincoln MKZs driving themselves around the city and doing a pretty good job of it. Or so it appeared. It was the first example of AV testing I could find without a human attendant acting in some capacity. But the truth is, hundreds of miles away in Mountain View, CA at Phantom Auto a “teleoperator” was sitting behind a bank of screens, clutching a steering wheel and driving the car remotely. California only began allowing the road testing of AVs without a human attendant or custodian in April of 2018, but only if they are being driven remotely.

Wait. You didn’t know that all these glowing reports of successful AV tests around the country involved a person sitting behind the steering wheel? Oh yes. And that created other unique problems, like attendants becoming distracted or drowsy. Then the goal became to devise a system that would keep the attendant interested in the driving process, automated and boring as it was.

And there are numerous other limits to the scope of these tests. Some are limited to a remote area with infrequent traffic. Some are limited to a precise area of safe terrain. Some are merely collecting driver data through various sensors. Some are isolated from human-driven car traffic in unique lanes or separated by barriers.

In short, all these tests of AVs you’ve been reading reports about haven’t really been examples of AVs in operation. Even the recent incidents involving fatalities also involved an attendant behind the wheel. One can only imagine how many accidents would occur if true AV operation were to be tested.

What Would God Drive?

Ultimately the possibility of a totally self-driving vehicle boils down to, whether a car’s brain can match the human mind. And the human mind remains largely a mystery the AV industry isn’t likely to unravel. Science has yet to produce a computer that tops the human brain’s computational or overall capability.

The most advanced autonomous system can likely drive a car safely in its own lane, slowing or stopping for other vehicles and obstructions. But the average human mind can make thousands of additional assessments and respond to virtually any unpredictable scenario.

The proponents of AVs will continue to produce statistics showing how much safer their technology is over the absence of said technology. But their statistics are very misleading. The form and degree of autonomous driving being tested varies, as we’ve seen. The scope and rigorousness of the testing also varies wildly. We’ve already discussed how some companies essentially cheat by employing remote drivers or “teleoperators.” I’m not sure whether an apples-to-apples comparison will ever be made as it might reveal all the hype to be just that, hype.

If you believe in God or that your life has purpose as I have come to, you might deduce the “singularity” Kurzweil prophesied is hogwash. You’d be in the minority it seems. AI and even trans-humanism has grown enormously popular, especially with Progressives and devout Atheists. Influential scientists today have grown to oppose even the notion of natural order, let alone the infinite superiority of the human mind. I think the race to overtake nature with technology flies in the face of God. At the very least the scientists overlook the results of their own experiments, showing the complex and intricate workings of nature. They forget their own claims that humanity is an, as yet unparalleled wonder.

I think this irrational zeal and self-interest partly causes some to conceal the limitations of AVs. Others may be confused when their own observations conflict with the unrealistic promises and resulting high expectations. Their first recourse is to continue to predict an unrealistic timeline or push their predictions further into the future. Ray Kurzweil has pushed back the “singularity” a couple times.

Some get closer to the truth by reporting a plethora of minor stumbling blocks or glitches slowing development. But they always overlook the larger problem. The sentient human beings that STILL do all the driving are impossible to emulate sufficiently with technology. There is NO app for that.

They don’t seem to grasp or be willing to admit the massive effort it will require to develop agreeable standards, or to determine specific road-way alterations. They don’t introduce the ethical issues that will arise when society experiences road-way deaths caused by product defects and software errors, rather than drunk or distracted drivers. Aren’t they concerned that a systemic software bug or network outage might cause thousands of vehicles to become uncontrolled and crash?

The False ‘Promises’ Remind Me of Something

Maybe, long ago when we created the concept of driving automobiles on roadways we inadvertently revealed that the skill required to drive was uniquely human.

This fraud is well established and easy to ascertain. If identifying the fraud required more specialized knowledge, it would be possible for some proponents to be unaware. But it’s simply too obvious for it not to be deliberate.

AV proponents pitch it as the smart choice and as inevitable despite a deafening disinterest by the public. It’s illogical and unreasonable. Media criticism of the trend has barely been noticeable, which also makes little sense. This disparity between the pitch and the reality began to remind me of another recent phenomenon.

After both the Sandy Hook and Parkland school shootings, there was an immediate cacophony of calls for drastic gun legislation and, more recently drastic social media censorship. There was a distinct use of exaggeration of everything from what gun rights advocates believe to how many Americans were seriously concerned about mass shootings; anything to further establish the severity of the problem.

The Sandy Hook school victims were frequently identified as “babies” and even “angels.” By now every victim, child or adult has been labeled a “hero.” But there was nothing to justify the hysteria. No babies were killed and dying from gunshot wounds doesn’t make you a hero.

And the so-called solutions offered by the proponents made little sense. They all involved either expanding government operations, censorship of some kind or some use of technology. The majority of these proponents are liberal Progressives, the likes of which are increasingly showing themselves to be irrational and self-interested. There doesn’t seem to be any problem or challenge that can’t be fixed by the mob or by the wonders of modern technology, according to them.

I think it’s reasonable to attribute both the school shootings and AVs projects to the liberal agenda. Simple greed may be contributing to AV hype. But I think blame for the irrational faith in the technology and over-reliance on the establishment we’re seeing can be assigned to the liberal agenda.

There is an ongoing project to destroy our American heritage, weaken the family and the community, reduce humanity to a speck of dust and devalue all of creation and God himself. Maybe, long ago when we created the concept of driving automobiles on roadways we inadvertently revealed that the skill required to drive was uniquely human. If we are created in God’s image, then it makes perfect sense to me that replicating human ability through technology is a fool’s errand.

If they can’t become Gods by making AVs with supreme intelligence, then they’ll at least attempt to create an all-powerful, God-like state. If our holy institutions of government and a system of total government control can’t do it, then surely the saintly men of science can.

Appeal Filed Challenging Florida Atlantic University’s Unconstitutional “Outside Activities” Policy

Article courtesy of the Florida Civil Rights Coalition –

Friday, August 3, 2018

Miami, Florida – Attorneys for James Tracy filed an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit of the summary judgment rulings granted by the District Court in favor of Florida Atlantic University (“FAU”) and various public university officials. Tracy’s lawyers also argue that the jury verdict should be reversed and the Court should grant judgment in Tracy’s favor as a matter of law.

James Tracy was a distinguished tenured faculty member in FAU’s School of Communications who taught journalism history, communication theory, and courses on the media’s coverage of conspiracy theories. Tracy received awards for his work, regularly earned excellent reviews, and was a former president of the FAU faculty union. Despite Tracy’s outstanding academic record, FAU fired Tracy in retaliation for controversial posts he made on his personal blog questioning the legitimacy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. In January 2016, FAU terminated Tracy’s tenured professorship, falsely claiming he had been “insubordinate” for failing to disclose his blogging activity under its conflict of interest outside activity Policy.

On appeal, it is argued that summary judgment should have been granted in Tracy’s favor by the District Court, since the Policy FAU used to terminate his professorship is unconstitutionally vague “because blogging is not mentioned as a potential conflict of interest, key terms used within the Policy are undefined, and FAU does not have a policy on blogging. Over twenty professors have blogs or other online speech activities, and Tracy is the only one to have ever been required to report, much less disciplined, for failing to report under the Policy. This is all the more compelling given that Tracy’s blog was publically available and well known to FAU, and his speech was widely reported and highly controversial.”

The record demonstrates FAU’s Policy violates the First Amendment “because it fails to provide employees with a reasonable opportunity to understand what blogging it prohibits and authorizes” and the Policy “did not provide sufficient guidance as to what blogging had to be reported, it could not be enforced without reference to the content of an employee’s speech, thereby facilitating viewpoint discrimination targeting disfavored speech. Indeed, FAU found Tracy’s posting violated the Policy despite having no policy at all on blogging while it fully protected expression that it favored.”

Additionally, Tracy’s lawyers argue that the jury verdict (that Tracy’s speech was not a motivating factor in his termination) is contrary to overwhelming evidence, and no reasonable jury could have determined that Tracy’s speech was not a motivating factor in his termination because:

  • Tracy’s blogging was obviously not a conflict of interest
  • FAU’s reason for firing Tracy was legally insufficient
  • FAU’s history of disciplining and monitoring Tracy’s blog
  • FAU’s selective enforcement of a vague Policy
  • Evidence of complaints and negative publicity
  • FAU’s termination letter citing the blog
  • and FAU emails celebrating Tracy’s termination.

Moreover, the District Court wrongfully excluded evidence that directly impacted Tracy’s ability to enforce his rights at trial.

The full brief is here.

Syria – an Israeli Agenda

Syria – An Israeli Agenda

By Pauline McElroy

Prior to the war in Iraq we saw the media disinformation being raised exponentially to justify our reasons for the invasion. Everything from Iraqi soldiers removing babies from incubators in Kuwait to reports of Saddam Hussein having the capability of bombing you while you sat watching TV in your PJ’s with his giant WMD’s within a 40-minute time frame.  

Although our 911 boogie man at the time may not have even existed by 2003, we still had one.  In fact, we had several for the deliberate purpose of confusion.

All wars must have a boogie person or a rouge state to justify such a military response.  911 was such a perfect vehicle for hypnotizing the World that we didn’t even notice until years afterward that there was no relationship between the event of 911 and the west’s invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The latest military strikes from the air by Western Nations on Syria are no different.  By all accounts the people of Syria are, as they endure their mounting humanitarian crisis, intelligent, informed and educated about what is really going on.  More so than we are here in the west as the propagandist news is funneled down our throats from mainstream outlets at gagging proportions.

Unlike the citizens of the west, the people of Syria are more than aware of the alliance between Israel and the Gulf states and their plot against them and how this plot is decades old in the making.  Not only do they know that the White Helmets are propagandist mercenaries controlled by the UK and the west, but there is actual overwhelming support for Assad amid the population.

So how will the west be served by regime change in Syria? With headlines like “Suspected Chemical attack kills 70 in Syria” and “Alleged chemical attack brutal end to rebellious Syria town”, I must ask how suspicions and allegations can actually kill people?

Without any explanation as to why Assad would attack his own people with chemical warfare for the 17th time since 2013, most western citizens probably couldn’t even point to Syria on a map let alone have an awareness of why we are there bombing them.

The real reason is clear.  So clear that mainstream media have no problem with reporting it on their outlets. On April 10th, 2018, US political commentator for Fox News Tucker Carlson interviewed Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker asking him: “What is the American National Security interest that would be served by regime change in Syria?”.  Wicker replied, “Well if you care about Israel you have to at least be interested in what is going on in Syria.”

Why are we being asked to ‘care’ about Israel if we are interested in what is going on in Syria?

And if the Israeli agenda is behind all of this, what does that say about the US, the UK and France lending their military support to unproven, unfounded, strongly opposed reports about what is happening over there.

When I ponder the reaction of the western military response to Israeli desires, the words ‘pimp’ and ‘whore’ come to mind.

After our Western Nation’s military involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon and now Syria, and as the ruling class sells the blood of our young men and women to the highest bidder, if you can’t see who is pulling the strings by now it is by design.  Mainstream Media is on the payroll.

With 6 Jewish conglomerates’ owning upwards of 90% of our mainline media outlets, how are you supposed to know the truth?




Not In My Name

Written & Performed by Eddie Parrino

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Makes you wonder what’s a peace prize for
Chicken hawk loves perpetual war
Not in my name not in my name

1871 the rot set in
1913 Wall Street cashing in
Products for your war machine again
Not in my name not in my name

Not in my name not in my name

I pledge allegiance to the republic
Not democracy you poly tick
Blood on your hands you’ll sure answer for it
What’s the next country you’ll have to hit

Not in my name not in my name

It’s so simple if the god you worship is death
Train your own children and send them to their dying breath
Or go yourself better yet

Lies wide open I don’t back your deed
Empire building is not what I need
Murder innocents the drone bomb creed
Sending children to die for your need your greed

Not in my name not in my name

Not in my name

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Are You a Nazi Racist? – Part I

By Peter Klein

How well do animals take to you? Domesticated animals like cats and dogs may naturally trust you. But it’s unlikely that a squirrell will hop on your shoulder and allow you to hand feed it acorns. To make that possible would require great patience. To do anything requiring that much patience would also require great determination. To be so determined to earn that level of trust with a wild animal would likely require a strong interest in or love of animals.

Do you know who had that kind of patience, determination, interest in and love of animals? Nazis.

When, in the present time someone at a demonstration or in a comments section online refers to someone else as a Nazi, they’re comparing that person to either a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party or German military in the 1930s and ’40s period. At least that’s what most people mean when they use the term. However, some think the term more broadly includes the neo-Nazis that emerged in the 1970s.

Neo-Nazis are members of different groups that had little relation to the Nazis of WWII Germany. They adopted German military symbolism and generally negative views about Jewish people and all things Jewish. Some Neo-Nazis are white-supremicists, but most at least express pride in their white heritage. Many actively discriminate against non-white people and hold negative opinions of them. Their political views vary greatly but are commonly mislabeled as Fascists.

The era of Donald Trump has become notable for increased activity and expression by the political left. Nearly all of the groups involved and the western media are staunchly opposed to the Donald Trump presidency. Opposition to Trump was almost universal among Democrats when he took office and doesn’t appear to have diminished since. in just the first half of 2017 I learned of both “virtue signaling” and “social justice warriors,” both traits exclusively characteristic of people with Leftist or Liberal political views.

Expression of opposition to Trump, the Republican party and conservatism has reached a frenzied level. Groups like Black Lives Matter and the Antifa movement are demonstrating more frequently. The media’s expressions of opposition to Trump have become more vitriolic than anything seen in the past.

Here’s an example from the May 2017 edition of Salon magazine. The article was penned by the Editor himself and began as a very compelling and reasonable assessment of the present day political climate. But then, towards the end, it says about Donald Trump…

“He has already proven to be the most incompetent president any living person has ever seen or will ever see, and his ‘movement’ is nothing more than a transitory movement, a collective fantasy of disgruntled and semi-downtrodden white people who feel unhappy about something but aren’t sure what it is or whom to blame.”

Political op-eds are traditionally subjective and expected to contain a measure of exaggeration or derogatory statements. But claiming Trump is the most incompetent President anyone will ever see is a false statement and merely the author’s prediction. And the author insults everyone that actively supports Donald Trump. The implication is that his supporter’s aspirations are merely a fantasy and they are incapable of even identifying the problems that concern them and the people they disagree with. The author singles out Trump supporters as “white people,” despite most Salon readers being white and the country having a majority white population historically.

The 3rd week of August shows Google search traffic including the word “Nazi” was 400% of the weekly average for the prior year. During the same week the term “Racist” spiked to 150% of average. The other obvious spike occuring in the past year was the week after the Presidential election when it spiked to 200%. The terms “Nazi” and “Racist” have some things in common.

The term “Racist” is a derivative of the word, “Racism.” Invention of the term “Racist” or “Racism” is sometimes attributed to Leon Trotsky, but I think that’s incorrect. The 1902 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary attributes the first use of the word “Racism” to Richard Henry Pratt. He happened to be the father of the Native American boarding school system in America.

There is no term that describes the study of Race or Ethnicity. “Ethnic Studies” is the term that most closely means the study of race. Why not “Raceology?” The term “Anthropology” came long after people had been studying man’s origins. The term is neutral. The term, “Anthropologist” refers to a person who studies Anthropology. So why doesn’t the term, “Racist” refer to a person who studies “Race?” Were that to be true, it would make people more difficult to control.

The modern establishment maintains its power and authority largely through controlling people’s perceptions. Were they to promote the fact that there are differences between the races, it would be more difficult to form the single, supra-national government they seek to create. And, they would lose the magic word they use to label people who stand in the way of their goal, “Racist.”

Investigating the Parkland School Shooting

By Tony Mead

Having recently appeared on a Vice Media video on Conspiracies and False Flags, I have been the focus of anger for so many people that were affected by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting. Although I can sincerely empathize with their feelings of grief and loss, it is still my hope that they can suspend that emotional trauma for a few minutes to explore and understand WHY so many people are questioning the validity of this event!

On Feb 14, 2018 I had just arrived home from being in Coral Springs, FL when I was tagged in a Facebook post on WSVN 7 live News that was covering the Parkland shooting! I immediately sat down at my desk to watch as events unfolded. A helicopter approached the school as officers hid behind their cars with rifles draw and pointed into a vast empty area. What were they going to shoot at? Cop cars were EVERYWHERE! Hundreds of them, it appeared. How did they all get there so quickly? Why do they need 200 cops to stop one guy? Why were they so very far away from the school if there was someone shooting inside?

The first thing that struck me as I watched the footage was that there were “victims” at the corner of Holmberg & Pine Island Rd. I stared intently to see if anyone was bleeding or appeared to be seriously injured! It was hard to see clearly, but I couldn’t see a single drop of blood! What could they be injured from? Gunshots? If so, how did they get all the way from the school to the corner which was over 200 yards away? Why did they go to that corner? Why didn’t the ambulance go closer to the school? Then they announced that the shooter was still at large! Suddenly dozens of kids begin to parade past the “injured victims” and ambulance workers who have by now loaded two kids into an ambulance. The children walking by seem disinterested in what’s going on by the ambulance. They keep their eyes forward or focused on their cell phones instead. That seemed odd to me since like many of us, I have been stuck in traffic for hours as a result of “rubber necking”. We always want to see what’s going on when somebody is injured!

As I watched the footage a Tweet from Coral Springs PD flashed on the screen. It says to avoid the area. It says it was tweeted at 11:34 AM. WTF? It was reported that several people had been shot in the school and that one man was shot out on Pine Island Rd. Supposedly the shooter had shot him from the roof of the building. That seemed to explain why these kids were injured out by the street. Perhaps they had been shot from the rooftop as well. That story changed and has never appeared since.

Then I start wondering WHY are these kids being evacuated when there is still a shooter on the loose? That seems to be a very dangerous idea! Immediately my curiosity is peaked! Is this yet ANOTHER staged shooting? Right here in my own backyard? Or was this some psycho on the loose who has a motive to kill his former classmates? I don’t know!

That is the premise that I must begin every investigation with. I simply don’t know what is happening in that school. I will need to assess and evaluate information as it is presented and see where it takes me. I will need to suspend my emotional attachment to the event and use my critical thinking to discern what seems to be legitimate!

This event is very close to home. I have long time friends that live there. My nephew graduated from that school in 2009. The shooter was later apprehended in the same development that my brother resides in. I have friends whose children go to that school! I need to be sensitive to their feelings as well.

I was amazed at how quickly they had identified the shooter. It seemed as if some of the students had suspected this kid of being potentially violent. The gunman, Nikolas Cruz, is apprehended over an hour later about 2 miles away from the school! How did he get so far away? How could he just walk out of the school? Cops were everywhere! Who is this kid and what is his motive ?

How did they get this picture? The story is that an off-duty Coconut Creek Police officer happened to see Nikolas walking along bout 2 miles from the school. Did he have a photographer in tow? Was there some random passerby ready to snap that picture on his Iphone at just the right moment? How could the cop know that this was Nikolas Cruz? The description that the police had been given by Kyle Lamar was that he was wearing jeans and a black hoodie.

Stacey Lippel described the shooter as a man dressed like a swat team officer!

Once again we have a “lone gunman” who has somehow procured multiple weapons and executed a bunch of people with military precision! How could he get into the school? How did he get to the school? How could he carry so much artillery without being noticed? These questions swirled through my head as I tried to make sense of it all.

Later that evening there are interviews with kids on the scene being broadcast on my television as the cry for increased gun control is already in full effect! I am in amazement as several of the kids claim that there were “multiple shooters”. One girl says that there were at least THREE!

Another girl claims that she was actually WITH Nikolas Cruz when she heard gunshots fired. She knew Nikolas couldn’t be the only gunman! She claimed to be a former student as was Nikolas Cruz. She had known him since middle school. Why were they there? My brother told me that it was “Former Student Day” and so they were allowed to visit the school. I’ve never heard of “Former Student Day”, and if it was “Former Student Day”, what are 19 year old kids doing walking alone in the Freshman Building? Surely that type of thing should be frowned upon.

I have watched her testimony many times and although some people claim she is just looking for attention, to me she seems to be truthful. Her expressions and demeanor seem typical of a normal high school girl from this area.
And, if we are to dismiss her testimony as just some ditzy girl looking for attention, what about KHOU reporter Matt Musil? Was he just being gullible? He seems to believe her 100%!

As more information and testimony of students is released, even more questions seem to arise! Some students report that they were expecting a Code Red Drill with police firing “blanks” to add realism to the event. Many of the kids claimed that they thought the whole event was just another drill. They had already had a fire drill that morning! Why on earth would they have a code red drill on “Former Student Day”?

Current student, Jalen Martin reported that the “Secret Service” had visited the school weeks prior, changing protocol on how to conduct an active shooter drill. Was this just another coincidence?

Cell phone video from inside the school seems to go viral amongst my daughter’s friends. She is 17 and is of course emotionally impacted by this traumatic event although she always remains slightly skeptical because of my influence. The cell phone video is of course very grainy as in all video released from these recent mass casualty events. In this day and age, we all have cellphones that have high quality recording capability, but for some reason it’s the person with the 2002 flip phone that captures the reality of the situation!

Still, for whatever reason, I am now somewhat concerned that a violent incident has occurred and I realize that I must proceed with the utmost caution and consideration to others!

It’s important that people don’t just immediately start crying “It’s a hoax”, before all evidence has been thoroughly researched. One of these days, people are going to call something a fabricated event and wind up losing whatever credibility they once had. I don’t think it’s a stretch of the imagination to believe that something like that is already planned.

People point out anomalies in the student cell phone videos. The laptop that has been “shot” appears to have bullet hole stickers instead of actual destruction, the “dead” person in the corner appears to be a dark skinned person although none of the victims are African American. Students reactions and behaviors are analyzed. I have to resort to the rationalization that I simply don’t know. I’m no expert in analyzing this video, so I must accept it at face value, for now.

The next major development in the Parkland School shooting involves the emergence of a central character named David Hogg. David is an effective orator from the drama club and journalism class from Stoneman Douglas and has released video that he made from inside the school during the actual shooting!

Here he interviews a fellow student about “gun control” while they are on lock-down due to an active shooter being in the school:

I don’t know about you, but if I was in that situation, the last thing I would be concerned with is getting anyone’s opinion on anything other than how to get the F out of there!!

There has been a lot of confusion over whether this girl is Alex View or Isabella Robinson. Oddly enough, Isabella Robinson was the focus of an Australian video journalist that spent years trying to locate the people on a picture that he found in the rubble on 9/11, 2001. It turned out to be Isabella Robinson and her mother! It really is a small world, huh?

David Hogg emerges as a spokesman for the entire Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school and immediately seizes on the gun control agenda. To me, this is Sandy Hook all over again! Normal people who have experienced a traumatic event do not become instantaneous political advocates!

Having had some experience with grief and loss, I can certainly attest to the fact that people do grieve differently, but for everyone it is still a process. It takes time to get over shock, sorrow, anger, and relief gradually leads to resilience. Nobody goes from pain to resilience in 24 hours. NOBODY! His aggressive tone raises a few eyebrows and people begin to look into this character. He is admittedly the son of a former FBI agent. He has recently moved from California to south Florida. He has recently attended the CNN studios (prior to the shooting). He has interviewed FL State Representative and gun control advocate Ted Deutch! This kid appears to have been politically connected even before his leap into the Parkland Shooting spotlight!

He becomes the focal point of the naysayers who claim that he is some sort of “Crisis Actor”. I would dispute that claim because in my opinion, a crisis actor is someone who performs the role of a victim in an exercise that is meant to seem realistic. An entire industry has evolved as a result of the idea that people need to be prepared for horrible, unforeseen tragedies that could impact us at any minute!

There is a great deal of speculation that David Hogg isn’t even really from Parkland. His parents just purchased a home there in August of 2017. Much of his background shows him to be from Redondo Beach CA and he even has a viral video that was made when he was there in 2016. It is somehow explained that he was on vacation and that he had lived there previously. Nevertheless, people were asking questions and accusing him of being disingenuous.

I’m not sure how important David Hogg is to this narrative, but I certainly find it noteworthy that his aunt is the Operations Chief of the Coral Springs Emergency Response Team. She herself has participated in mock mass casualty events. She is former military and DHS trained and would certainly be an ideal candidate to participate in a “training event”.

Interesting to note that her husband was employed by the FBI and stationed at LAX during the Los Angeles Airport shooting hoax and that Elaine was a participant in a Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport Disaster Drill!

Here she is one day after the MSD shooting out on a boat. She appears to be celebrating a job well done!

Next we have the injured students who have appeared on the media to display their courage and resilience! Madeleine Wilford was shot multiple times in the ribs, lung, stomach, shoulder and arm!

Doctors are unsure how many bullets struck Madeleine Wilford’s body, but she sustained injuries to her ribs, right lung, stomach, shoulder and right arm, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

12 days later she is doing interviews and seems almost completely healed! This seems like an insult to our veterans who have been released from active duty after sustaining far less life threatening injuries. Look at how quickly she has recovered!

Samantha Grady suffered mere grazes by bullets because she was able to shield herself by using a small book. I’m not making this up!

Samantha Fuentes claims to have “shrapnel” embedded in her face from bullets that deflected off of her slain classmates. She also has wounds to her legs that have been treated with small bandages. Is this what gunshot wounds look like?

Samantha Fuentes

Kyle Laman was reportedly shot in the ankle, but somehow managed to walk down 3 flights of stairs before being transported on a gurney to a waiting ambulance. He appears to be talking on his cell phone as he is wheeled across the school grounds!

Kyle’s injuries are treated for a week in the hospital where he is interviewed and tells his miraculous story while smiling from ear to ear. In the video of his interview, his foot appears to be completely healed. There is no discoloration. If anyone has ever had a broken ankle you know that it will turn completely black and blue. Remarkably, Kyle has no toenails on his injured foot. It also appears as if he is capable of impossible contortions as his right leg appears on his left side while saying goodbye to his visitors! I’m not sure how anyone can simply explain this away!

Right Foot

Left Foot

It’s also noteworthy that Kyle receives a ride home from the hospital by the same first responders that rescued him. Is this some sort of new protocol, or is this the continued over dramatization of these heralded victims? He was also rescued from the school by an off duty Coral Springs cop who was luckily on scene watering the nearby baseball field!

As the event continued to unfold, many people awaited the release of Security camera video from inside the school. This would have been undeniable evidence that Nikolas Cruz was the perpetrator of this heinous crime and would immediately quell any suspicions of the general public. Instead, what we got was some unbelievable story of how the Security cameras were on a 20 minute delay which added to the confusion of officers on scene who were looking for the suspect who they thought was still in the school!

The Associated Press together with the Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinel and the Miami Herald immediately file FOIA requests for the release of Security camera footage! The Broward County Sheriff’s Office was adamant about NOT releasing the footage. After a week long battle, a judge decided that the video should be released! What we got was 27 minutes of outside video that shows very little of anything at all. There is no evidence of an active shooter. There is no video of Nikolas Cruz entering the school. There is no evidence of a panicked response to a horrendous tragedy! There is absolutely nothing.

Nikolas Cruz appears in court and appears to be heavily medicated to the point where he can’t even hold his head up to face the judge. The judge immediately decides to seal the record meaning that the public will, once again, remain uninformed. What is going on in the Broward County Court system?

It’s important to note that Broward County is listed among the cities participating in Agenda 21. This is not “conspiracy theory”, this is a published fact:

The Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale Airport is currently doing a $3.2 Billion expansion. That’s right! BILLION with a B !!Much of that money comes from Federal Grants. Grants that you can be sure come with strings attached. Unless you think that anybody really gets “somethin’ fo nothin’” in this day and age!

It comes as no surprise that they would be willing to participate in an active shooter drill presented as areal time event known as the Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting. You can bet that Sheriff Scott Israel is also salivating over all those Federal dollars rolling in!

In fact, it is due to some of the Broward Sheriff’s Office policies that someone like Nikolas was allowed to continue on his journey to destruction as the officers that encountered him 39 times previously were told NOT to arrest him. You see, the less crime in your district, the more effective your department is perceived by the Feds. The more effective police get the big Federal Dollars. Keep those crime stats down fellas and we can all get new patrol cars courtesy of the federal government!

I have friends that live here in Coral Springs and Parkland. The two cities are adjacent and the school serves both communities. One of my friends is neighbors with one of the victims. He assures me that this has been a genuine tragedy and that he offered his condolences to the mother of the victim who he lives near.

Still, his curiosity is peaked by the constant presence of David Hogg. He can’t understand why this kid is continually in the spotlight. I share some of the anomalies with my friend and he continues to hold on to the idea that there is absolutely nothing amiss, despite sensing that some things just don’t add up. He invites me to come to Parkland to travel the route of the shooter.

We visit his house where he stayed. It looks like a farmhouse with gasoline pumps in the front driveway. We then travel the 6.2 miles to the Dollar Tree where it is said that he rode his bicycle to work. It’s a very long ride on some dangerous streets including Loxahatchee Blvd which is heavily occupied by tractor trailers and has no sidewalks to ride on! No parent in their right mind would ever let his kid ride a bike on that road!

We go from the school to the Walmart where Nikolas went after shooting 34 victims.

We speak to the elderly security guard who tells us how he went to the Subway (which is inside the store) and bought a coke and then sat on a bench with an employee from the optical department. “Was he sweating and nervous?”, I asked her. “No”, she replied, “he was calm and acted normal”.

The man from the optical department asked him what was going on at the school and Nikolas replied: “I dunno, some sort of shooting or something”.

There were hundreds of kids herded into the Walmart which was then put on lock-down until two hours later when the children were ushered a few at a time to be re-united with their panicked parents several hundred yards away.

Next we traced his path from the Walmart to the point where he was apprehended about 1.6 miles away. He reportedly stopped at McDonald’s to have a burger. I guess he was hungry, but I’m not sure I could eat after murdering a bunch of people. I’m also not sure how Nikolas was able to just walk out of the Walmart which was on lock-down. I wonder where he was headed as he lived to the north but was apprehended walking to the south and west. He had walked a long way.

So, these are real people affected by a genuine tragedy. It’s not some fictitious town that has some closed down school that was used as a prop. I live here! These are practically my neighbors- and I care about them deeply! But, there are so many unanswered questions that I feel it is my duty to try to investigate further. I mean, if my child had been in that school, I would be screaming at the top of my lungs:


Instead, we have Andrew Pollack who has immediately turned his attention to increased school security. “This is the last one!” he has stated over and over, as if he has the ability to stop something like this from ever happening again.

“Airports have metal detectors, courthouses have metal detectors, public offices have metal detectors, why don’t our schools have metal detectors?”

Well, even if our schools had metal detectors, it wouldn’t have deterred Nikolas Cruz. He came in through a side door supposedly. It wouldn’t have stopped Adam Lanza either, as he supposedly shot out the front window of the school to gain access. But, metal detectors like the ones we have in airports are certainly a profitable venture for the people that make them! In Israel everywhere you go there are those body scanners. At the mall, the movies, even the grocery store. In the Phillipines as well. Is that how we’re going to live? Isn’t that in itself a form of “terrorism”? To have to live as though your life is in danger everywhere you go?

This video ponders the idea that the Las Vegas shooting was also intended to be instrumental in creating a cry for installing these body scanners!

I met Andrew Pollack at his 4,800 sq ft estate as he pontificated the important changes he intended to make with the help of all of the governors from each and every state. I was impressed at how quickly he had gone from grieving father to political advocate and was already appearing on Television next to Donald Trump and doing photo shoots with Governor Rick Scott and having State Representative Ted Deutch as a house guest.

It seemed to so heavily contrast what I had experienced when my brother lost his 22 year old son. My brother was so devastated that he couldn’t even speak to anyone for over 6 months. Even now, nearly 5 years later, he gets choked up at the thought of it. He can’t understand how easily these people have pushed through the grieving process either. He doesn’t want to think about it. It’s just too disturbing. And besides, what can anybody do about it?

As the Marjory Stoneman Douglas GoFundMe account now tops $6,000,000 we are left to wonder what will they do with all that money?

Each and every victim has at least one GoFundMe account as well. Governor Rick Scott has allocated $400,000,000 to improve mental health services, change gun laws, and to rebuild the school building that they decided to tear down within days of the shooting.

This was eerily reminiscent of what happened in Sandy Hook where they destroyed the entire school and the shooter’s home as well! They then built a new school with a Federal grant for $53,000,000!

The FL Attorney General Pam Bondi decided to pay for ALL of the funerals of the victims at the school!

The students themselves then somehow raised over $3.5 million for their March for Our Lives campaign!

Where does all this money come from? And where does it go? $3.5 million is a lot of dough. Enough to pay every single attendant at the March over $100 each.

Since I have spoken out about my views on that Vice Media video, I have been inundated with hateful messages from people all over the world! Many have said things like:
“Hope your child gets killed in a school shooting so you know how it feels!”
“You need to seek mental help!”
“Why are you torturing these poor families and adding to their grief?”

I certainly have my regrets regarding participating in that Vice interview. They assured me and others that they were doing an “impartial” documentary on “Conspiracies and False Flags”. I should have known better. But, I have never been one to back down from expressing my viewpoints, so I suppose I am now faced with the challenge of defending them !

I will end this now, although I think I could write an entire book explaining why I have my doubts about the validity of the claim that Nikolas Cruz massacred 17 people on Valentine’s Day in 2018. I think that anyone who examines the evidence that I have presented here should certainly have some doubt in their mind. But, why should anyone care that they are being deceived?

Society does not evolve through coincidence and happenstance. Society is engineered. We are taught what to believe and how we should feel from a very early age. Long ago it was learned that it is much easier to manipulate a population through the dissemination oif information than to have to resort to brute force. Wars are less likely to be fought on the battlefield than they are to be fought with propaganda.

Groups such as the Tavistock Group, the Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations meet regularly to discuss and devise the means necessary to steer public consciousness. The media is their primary tool. People are subjected to massive amounts of information. News media has been our main source of learning about the world around us for decades if not centuries. We want to know what’s happening in our world. We share our thoughts and ideas with others in conversation.

Our First Amendment was designed with the idea in mind that if we granted freedom of the press to everyone that they, in turn, would hold the government accountable for their actions. I don’t think it was ever realized that as technology advanced and corporate powers grew, the media could be wholly owned and operated by the powers it was intended to regulate. But, as we all know, a mere 6 corporations now control 95% of all Radio, Television and Newspaper companies. There is a monopoly on what the public is allowed to know as they misconstrue any dissenting viewpoints by calling them “Fake News”!

In fact, I think that part of what we are seeing with the glaring anomalies in some of these shocking news stories are intended to create controversy as alternative media journalists such as myself offer contradicting analysis to what the mainstream talking heads are saying. The internet has allowed almost anyone to voice their opinion and have it heard by hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. This can be problematic for a state run propaganda outlet such as CNN. They don’t want to be challenged by intelligent inquiry or forced to substantiate their sometimes ridiculous claims. Indeed I think it is factual to say that Alternative Media has become the number one enemy of the state and that’s why we have seen such a drastic increase in censorship over the past 5 years. Perhaps millions of YouTube videos have been removed for “bullying”, or “violating our terms of service” without explanation or any means of recourse. We have come to a point where if you make a Facebook Post that doesn’t fall in line with a Liberal Agenda, your post will be removed and your account can be terminated.

How did it get like this? What kind of world are we leaving for our children?

Perhaps it got like this because too many of us felt that it was up to someone else to do something. Perhaps we believed in the political system and felt that the majority of people want it this way, so it must be correct. Perhaps we are just too busy trying to make ends meet and take care of our families and enjoy what time we have to ourselves. But, make no mistake about it, this is OUR WORLD and we have a responsibility to stand up for what we believe in!

We have a responsibility to demand TRUTH from our media and from our government! I will not shut up and be quiet and just conform to the popular opinion. I have a right to have my voice heard! And so do you!

I will end with this comment from a fellow researcher because I think he has summed up the Sandy Hook event with a clear observation that can also be applied to the event that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

For me there is no real proof anywhere it was a hoax, proof that is iron-clad per se, it is the massive cumulative effect of incredulous uncertainty in reports by all entities involved, it is the continual and pervasive contradictions at every level of the “story” that prove to me beyond any doubt that it was a hoax planned and executed in such a manner as to introduce as many contradictions as possible. The government, unable to create a perfect hoax, created an imperfect hoax with many, many layers of contradiction, and the belief of the entire event rests upon the willingness of the viewer to detach from reality and join in a deep seated psychosis, a total break from any critical reality they might hope to enjoy. It’s much easier to believe that the children died a horrible death, than to believe that a massive government would pull off this type of hoax and multi-million dollar fraud.

People want to believe in death, destruction, horror and wretchedness, because the alternative, that the government is totally and completely corrupt, that cannot be entertained by the masses, otherwise, they would have to rise up and destroy the government, and they do not have the will, nor the courage to do so!

Footnote: Here is a list of the victim’s names. Alyssa Alhadeff, 14, Parkland; Scott Beigel, 35, Coral Springs; Martin Duque Anguiano, 14, Parkland; Nicholas Dworet, 17, Coral Springs; Aaron Feis, 37, Coral Springs; Jamie Guttenberg, 14, Parkland; Chris Brent Hixon, 49, Hollywood; Luke Hoyer, 15, Parkland; Cara Loughran, 14, Coral Springs; Gina Montalto, 14, Parkland; Joaquin Oliver, 17, Coral Springs; Alaina Petty, 14, Parkland; Meadow Pollack, 18, Parkland; Helena Ramsay, 17, Coral Springs; Alex Schachter, 14, Coral Springs; Carmen Marie Schentrup ,16, Parkland; Peter Wang,15, Parkland. Here is a website that lists every obituary in Florida:

Parkland Shooting: Top 10 Reasons For Deeper Interrogation

By James F. Tracy
Over the past several years certain certain US mass shootings receive round-the-clock coverage yet often possess curious features which are ignored and merely accepted “as reported” by less-than-trustworthy corporate media. Bizarre circumstance and the sometimes inexplicable actions of officials, victims, eyewitnesses and would-be culprits give rise to concern that government agencies and news media act in certain ways to embellish some incidents while short-circuiting the dissemination of vital information.

Florida Atlantic University Does the Sandy Hook

By IMS Staff
In January 2016, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) wrongfully terminated Professor James Tracy, a fully tenured professor as a retaliatory measure for questioning details of the Sandy Hook shooting event. FAU breached their contract and conspired against a man for merely exercising his constitutionally protected right to free speech on his personal blog. Their acts effectively destroyed his academic career.