Syria – an Israeli Agenda

Syria – An Israeli Agenda

By Pauline McElroy

Prior to the war in Iraq we saw the media disinformation being raised exponentially to justify our reasons for the invasion. Everything from Iraqi soldiers removing babies from incubators in Kuwait to reports of Saddam Hussein having the capability of bombing you while you sat watching TV in your PJ’s with his giant WMD’s within a 40-minute time frame.  

Although our 911 boogie man at the time may not have even existed by 2003, we still had one.  In fact, we had several for the deliberate purpose of confusion.

All wars must have a boogie person or a rouge state to justify such a military response.  911 was such a perfect vehicle for hypnotizing the World that we didn’t even notice until years afterward that there was no relationship between the event of 911 and the west’s invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The latest military strikes from the air by Western Nations on Syria are no different.  By all accounts the people of Syria are, as they endure their mounting humanitarian crisis, intelligent, informed and educated about what is really going on.  More so than we are here in the west as the propagandist news is funneled down our throats from mainstream outlets at gagging proportions.

Unlike the citizens of the west, the people of Syria are more than aware of the alliance between Israel and the Gulf states and their plot against them and how this plot is decades old in the making.  Not only do they know that the White Helmets are propagandist mercenaries controlled by the UK and the west, but there is actual overwhelming support for Assad amid the population.

So how will the west be served by regime change in Syria? With headlines like “Suspected Chemical attack kills 70 in Syria” and “Alleged chemical attack brutal end to rebellious Syria town”, I must ask how suspicions and allegations can actually kill people?

Without any explanation as to why Assad would attack his own people with chemical warfare for the 17th time since 2013, most western citizens probably couldn’t even point to Syria on a map let alone have an awareness of why we are there bombing them.

The real reason is clear.  So clear that mainstream media have no problem with reporting it on their outlets. On April 10th, 2018, US political commentator for Fox News Tucker Carlson interviewed Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker asking him: “What is the American National Security interest that would be served by regime change in Syria?”.  Wicker replied, “Well if you care about Israel you have to at least be interested in what is going on in Syria.”

Why are we being asked to ‘care’ about Israel if we are interested in what is going on in Syria?

And if the Israeli agenda is behind all of this, what does that say about the US, the UK and France lending their military support to unproven, unfounded, strongly opposed reports about what is happening over there.

When I ponder the reaction of the western military response to Israeli desires, the words ‘pimp’ and ‘whore’ come to mind.

After our Western Nation’s military involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon and now Syria, and as the ruling class sells the blood of our young men and women to the highest bidder, if you can’t see who is pulling the strings by now it is by design.  Mainstream Media is on the payroll.

With 6 Jewish conglomerates’ owning upwards of 90% of our mainline media outlets, how are you supposed to know the truth?