Click and Dagger

By Paul Bennett

Russia is now at the center of the Asian Land Mass, spanning from Spain to Shanghai. Her prospects are very bright indeed, and no amount of fake news will derail the ongoing unification of the Asian Continent.

“First of all, China has enough productive capacity to basically service its own market now. It’s got over a billion people. That’s a big enough market for anything. In addition to that, China now has a rail connection between Shanghai and Rotterdam. This is the end of the influence of the American Navy, which is the successor to the British Navy. Leviathan can’t blockade these ports anymore. And so therefore the ‘MacKinder Thesis’ is fulfilled. It’s over. We have to come to grips with this new situation instead of constantly rehashing the clichés of the failed English Free Trade system. It’s over. It failed. The people don’t want it anymore.” — E Michael Jones

It’s not surprising that Russia is losing the Fake News Race. Protected behind an Iron Curtain for 47 years, Russia has not yet been able to master the mass media skills that were created by and perfected by Western agents. This is of course admirable in a certain light, since fake news is offensive to our sensibilities. But the fact is, this is how modern diplomacy is accomplished, and sooner or later Russia is going to have to learn the game. The fake investigation of the fake poisoning is being pursued by fake journalists and fake criminologists for the entertainment of the mass media and the maneuverings of politicians. It is always tempting to take the high road and ignore such shady dealings. After all, Russia is now at the center of the Asian Land Mass, spanning from Spain to Shanghai. Her prospects are very bright indeed, and no amount of fake news will derail the ongoing unification of the Asian Continent.

Yet it can be delayed. English and American agencies may still be dedicated to the maintenance of Britain’s 500-year-old policy of divide and conquer, but their points of rupture have been vastly reduced in recent years. Obviously they are focused on the breaking points in Syria and Iran, but the rails continue to be laid down in arcs of shorter and shorter length. Once forbidden paths are now being actively negotiated, and the writing is on the wall. The future is all Asia. The MacKinder Thesis is complete.

Future infrastructure investment is going to be all on the Asian Continent (which includes Europe). The British and their American successors built their empires on dividing the Asian Continent against itself and now that rail lines connect Europe with the Far East a historical shift has occurred. China can now deal directly with the Middle East and Europe: over land. Sea travel is no longer required.

The numerous and varied lands on the Asian Continent could always have traded with one another directly over land, cheaply, using rails. Of course, Europe has always been noticeably attached to the rest of the Asian land mass. The only reason we (and everyone else) mentally divided Europe from Asia is completely due to British propaganda. The British Empire was built on sea power. Sea power needs sea traffic to regulate. If there is no sea traffic then there can be no sea power. Because the British successfully kept Europe separated from Asia for so many years they were able to profit off all the sea traffic between Europe and the Far East.

The Far East is no longer far from Europe. At one time it was cheaper for Europe to deal with America than to deal with customers on the far side of their own Continent. The tiny island nation of England was able to use its sea power to remain a relevant parasite in a world looking to transact deals without British interference. As long as the big manufacturers had to move their products by sea, island nations profited one way or another. Those days are over. Asia can now ship products quickly and cheaply directly to every part of the Asian land mass, from Spain to Shanghai, without ever once having to load them onto and off of slow shipping.

World power has finally tipped away from the sea powers surrounding the “Eurasian” land mass. From now on the Americas will be considered external and unnecessary to the Asian/European powerhouse. Asia no longer needs us. Asia can get everything it needs from within itself. World maps will from now on be focused on the center of Asia (and not on England as they are now), probably somewhere in Russia, with the forgotten British island nations scattered on the periphery, and the Americas nowhere to be seen.

In the meantime there is a lot of investments to be disposed of. American elites are playing for time as they exchange their failing prospects for productive Asian property. Every crisis is a potential point of leverage, with our big players trying to gain a momentary edge over the opposition. US military occupation and ISIS forces have temporarily divided Iran from Europe, but no one expects this stalemate to last forever. The chess match continues between lofty elites even though the outcome is inescapable. America’s seized territory in the Middle East just happens to encompass the optimum paths for pipelines. Coincidence? I think not. Russia also began planning pipelines to Europe, and soon afterwards the Ukraine was destabilized. Surprised? No, America’s elites are trying to save whatever they can from their misfortune. There are fascinating machinations going on behind the scenes, but all we get to see is the fake news.