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This video report was originally published in May 2016 by Peter Klein of Tyranny News Network. It was later purged when YouTube deleted the TNN channel.


If you’re over 40, you probably have a picture of MTV as the 24 hour music video channel and know who killed the radio star. If you’re between 30 and 40, you probably view MTV as the place you went to see some pretty hot girls twerking around the pool or get the news according to Kurt Loeder. If you’re younger than 30, I have no idea what you envision MTV as or whether that’s even the correct term to use anymore. Younger than 20 and you probably don’t relate MTV to music at all.

Regardless of your age though, you’re unlikely to know about or remember a contest MTV had in their first year. You don’t likely remember the name of the winner or what they won. That’s what this presentation is about. It isn’t about secret societies or the origins of the human race. It’s not about mind control or any organized preparations for some battle of good and evil, of angels and demons. But it is a curious tale that makes one wonder just how their worlds might have changed had they been suddenly thrust into notoriety and trampled by MTV’s whirlwind.

MTV was born in 1981 and became an instant phenomenon. If being hip to the culture in 1981 was before your time, you definitely missed something interesting that had an impact across all walks of life. Back then, the channel was devoted elusively to music videos. MTV programming today is described as being comprised of original reality, comedy and drama programming and some off-network syndicated programs and films, along with limited music video programming in off-peak time periods. In other words, what made MTV unique in 1981 is no longer of interest to either the audience or the producers.

Given the success of 1981, 1982 was definitely the year in which MTV was catapulted into the stratosphere. In fact, because the format of music video was still so new, bands were suddenly forced to race to produce videos of their own to capitalize on the format that MTV had single-handedly built a platform for. 1982 was also an interesting and eventful year in general. In 1982 Aids was first reported as a rare form of cancer, the movie ET premiered, Michael Jackson’s Thriller album was released, the first compact discs were produced, Graceland was opened to the public, Prince William was born, among other things.

1982 was also the year in which MTV went into contest frenzy mode. But it was their first mega-successful contest that we’re interested in. MTVs House Party contest promised to give 1 winner and 200 of their closest friends the party of a lifetime. The contest was promoted daily along side the promos for their new campaign, “I want my MTV” which featured the likes of Pete Townsend, The Police, David Bowie and Cindi Lauper. When the drawing took place, they had received over 70,000 entries. Entries were submitted via post card and many people entered multiple times. One guy sent in over 1,300.

Most people today are more likely to remember MTVs The Grind, which was often filmed at their Beach House or their Spring Break segments also filmed at the beach house. For many teen boys, the beach house segments were like their pornography before the Internet.

I’ve got no idea whether such displays of predictable music, ridiculous dancing and hot chicks without a clue make the cut on MTV these days. Back in 1982, the party being planned by MTV hadn’t evolved to include the beach or grinding. It was an issue of budget on some level. They had to create a contest on the cheap that would still seem cool and appeal to the average American young adult. But instead, they settled on a house party concept.

Totally hip VeeJays like Triple J Jackson, Martha Quinn and Mark the other guy, whatever his name was ended commercials with…

Party til you drop! Win the MTV house party contest, and we’ll come to your house with videos, veejays, food, Pepsi. Stay tuned for details. Your chance to win a Sony widescreen TV, an Akai audio system, a year’s supply of Pepsi and a night you’ll never forget!

The winner turned out to be 15 year old Rob Kettenburgh from Michigan. Rob had done like many others had and sent in multiple entries. Rob had mailed 5 or 10 entries all at once, but decided for some reason a few days later to send a few more. He later found out it was an entry from the second batch that was drawn.

Little did Rob know how his life would be changed from this point forward. Or did he? Was Rob someone who, without the bizarre intervention of winning MTVs house party would have had a suicidaly mundane life? Or was Rob manifesting a unique life for himself somehow. I guess that’s a question we could all ask ourselves.

Rob got to invite 200 of his closest friends to the party, and some tickets were being sold on the local black market for $20 a ticket. I’m pretty sure if I was forced to invite 200 friends to a party, somehow despite my cautious distribution of invites a couple neighborhood gangs would turn up and maybe even Kato Kaitlin himself.

Here’s Rob being featured in the Michigan Advisor newspaper with triple J and Martha Quinn. Despite the party being filmed by MTV, I couldn’t find even a clip of it nor could I find any of the promos advertising it. But I’m a resourceful guy and dug around to find what information I could anyway.

The party was said by all to have been a huge success. Although the news reported that local “rock legends” had been invited, I don’t know if any did turn up or what was meant by “rock legends.”

Sometime during the next year, Rob must have moved to Kentucky because he graduated from Jeffersontown High School in the 1983-1984 time period.

Even before high school Rob displayed an ability to achieve things and a possible aptitude at Ham Radio operation, as we can see here an achievement award in radio club from Lance Cruise middle school.

Here, as early as 1980 he must have lived in Connecticut from the looks of this achievement award for achieving 2-way communication with all 50 states via ham radio.

By 1982, he had already received his Amateur radio operator’s licence with the FCC followed by an Advanced class licence which I found was still valid and up to date even today.

From this point on, I can only assume that Rob’s life moved pretty quickly. In as early as 1985 he winds up being trained by Army Intelligence at Fort Devon in Massachusetts in signals intelligence morse code interception.

We see here he is in the Army being promoted to the grade of Specialist 4. He likely completed boot camp and specialist training with the grade of Specialist 3.

Here are a few early medals awarded to Rob. The one on the left for expert hand-grenade skills. Here are a few of Rob’s other medals.

Rob receives 2 commendations while at Fort Devons for completion of training programs in record time. In one instance, he completes a course develped to take over 400 hours to complete, which he completes in 45 hours. I have no idea why, but it appears the Army was encouraging training times be slashed, which I can only assume was either budget or mission strategy related.

Also in 1985, Rob receives top secret security clearance but have no idea whether it was specific to his career path or for some other reason.

Sometime soon after, he’s in Germany at Field Station Berlin. Here’s another achievement award, this time from the Army for a skill qualification test he scored a 96% on. Here are some photos Rob took while in Berlin that same year. I have no idea who the young blonde woman is.

In 1987, Rob is in the 18th Airborne Corp at Fort Bragg North Carolina. Without knowing for sure, it’s beginning to look like Rob was well adjusted to his military career at this point and may have even been receiving attention as a possible candidate for bigger things. I was in the Navy at this exact time and I can tell you, I wasn’t having the experiences that Rob was.

Also in 1987 Rob is acknowledged as being in the Intelligence Corp. And I could go on to show as many or more awards and commendations.

Rob then goes on to receive his BA from the University of Louisville KY and a year later is discharged from the Army. He goes on to receive his Masters in 1995.

Now it’s at this point that I think we should see something that ties back to Rob’s experience with MTV. I don’t know when exactly he received it. But at some point after the House Party contest and sometime after a future MTV contest, Rob receives a letter from Martha Quinn. It’s hand written by Martha, and reads as follows…

Dear Rob and Family. Hi! How is everything? I was thinking about you, because i was just with a bunch of winners from a new contest. Donna, Alda, and I were thinking about the house party and how you were our best winner! I hope all is going well. Write to me at that address, plus mark it personal, OK? Hope to hear from you. Martha Q.

What’s up with claiming Rob was the “best winner?” Write to me at “that address?” What address? Was Rob in the service by this time and communication by phone wasn’t easy for Rob?

Is it crazy to assume Martha wrote this letter because of a real affection and interest in Rob? To me, it almost has the tone of someone reaching out to a person to pursue a friendship or relationship. Of course, it could simply be a case of Martha being a very friendly and socially adept person writing a letter to say hey as she may have done regularly.

Still, some others might view it as something else entirely. Might Rob have come on strong to Martha, giving her an uneasy feeling so she wrote a very upbeat letter to hopefully keep him at bay?…to as they say, “let him down gently?”

Now, I’m only speculating and want to be clear that I don’t intend to denigrate Rob in any way. It’s very possible he’s a genuinely friendly person, a memorable or even magnetic person. The letter, however leads me to a few unanswered questions. Was this the last communication Rob had with anyone from MTV? That’s unlikely. What other involvement with MTV might Rob have had?

How I even came to know about Rob Kettenburg in the first place was through catching a comment exchange on one of my favorite websites, which happens to be one of the many blogs by the great, Les Visible. The specific blog is entitle, Reflections in a Petri Dish. The specific article was entitled, “A-Listing and Immanentizing the Eschaton in Blowjob Heaven.” You can probably tell already that Les is an eccentric individual.

The article is largely an opinion piece about Ben Affleck. I think the article is a fair assessment of Ben and what he’s really all about. Les refers to him as “the Marquis De Benster,” posits that Ben’s starring role as Batman was payoff for his participation in Argos, the CIA propaganda film, and refers to Ben as a “Dung Golem.”

In the comments section, we find this comment from Rob…

Boy less, you sure do talk an awful lot of shit about LOTS of people that you’ve never actually met, myself included. 50% of the things you write/say about me are WRONG, compliments and all. You’ve dumped trash all over myself and my friend Ben Affleck, along with his wife in your last several posts. Say and write what you will Les, but at least were not FAKE SOLDIERS unlike some people I know…

To which Les replies to Rob and to answer the apparent accusations…

Hey! If you want to promote your website, you don’t have to pretend to be offended just because people might think you a vain grandstander. There are lots of other ways for you to be defined as such. First rule around here is not to assume we are as dumb as you are.

I’ve haven’t mentioned Affleck in any recent posts so that makes you a liar and therefore cancels out anything else you may say. Affleck is a tool and a stooge and ergo, by association probably so are you, though I doubt you know him and I have NEVER mentioned you so obviously this is a ploy just to drum up traffic for yourself. Got a little Miley Cyrus in you?

I don’t have to meet people to form an opinion. Do I need to meet Netanyahu? Obama? John McCain. Man you’re transparent. Soldier? heh heh BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

After having visited Rob’s website, I returned to leave a comment of my own. Here’s a portion of what I wrote…

I rarely criticize people who haven’t murdered anyone, at least not publicly. Rob, however did get kinky with the facts so I feel it’s cool to make light just a bit. Since he links to your site, he may feel that constitutes a relationship of sorts and deserving of some reciprocation. Obviously, while stationed oversees he was brushed up against by Ben Affleck as he took to the stage to perform (what, I can’t imagine) for the troops. The bond was thus formed. His loyalty to Ben unbreakable. When he read the things you said about Ben, how he wasn’t very intelligent and likely a literal tool that was a breach of your contract.

To conclude I wrote…

In conclusion, that guy’s weird.

Les later added something that I take pride in. He wrote…

TyrannyNews; Wow! and Double Wow! And… you’re certainly an investigative type; right up there with District Attorney Visible (grin).

In response to Les, Rob later posts…

HERE’S WHO TYRANNYNEWS WORKS FOR: (And he links to a PrWeb.com press release.)

Fortunately for me Les, I don’t even have to respond to your idiotic lie filled response to my fact filled post above. It speaks for itself. I think you’ve just proven to the entire world without a doubt that you’ve lost your mind Les. All that ketamine finally caught up with you. Fine, have it your way, I’ll remove you from the Matrix Database completely (over 1 billion unique visitors every month) and I won’t be back.

I took me a long time before something caused me to consider a possibility I had completely overlooked the first time around. Rob eludes to his website receiving over a billion unique visitors every month. That would mean on the order of 1/7th the world’s population was visiting Rob’s site every month. I don’t see that as possible, nor do I think Rob ever saw actual evidence of that.

However, he did seem pretty adamant about Les Visible making comments about him in multiple blog posts and that the comments were negative in nature. Les points out, and anyone can look for themselves to verify, that he had never made a comment about Rob even once.

Is it possible that Rob DID see comments from Les that only he was able to see? That might sound like a ridiculous question to you if you’ve never heard about a form of gas-lighting on the Internet involving adaptive web content.

In theory, this technique involves hijacking web addressing between an individual and the greater Internet. The content is then spoofed to look as if it’s the real thing, but is instead an imposter. For example, if a person targeted frequented a blog on MySpace and accessed the address, “www.myspace.com/the_gardening_blog” that would serve up what appeared to be the actual live website seen by everyone on the Internet. But, using this technique anything whatsoever could be substituted or altered without the subject’s knowledge.

So, it is in my opinion not impossible for Rob to have been subject to this type of activity. It’s horrible and one can only imagine what it could lead to. But, ultimately I have to conclude it’s more likely that Rob was simply deluded. I can’t imagine that he would go to such lengths just to advertise his website, especially to make false accusations when telling the truth would have worked equally well.

Now I searched for at least an hour to find a photo I had come across earlier of the car Rob was in when he was t-boned and suffered very serious injuries as a result. I couldn’t find the photo nor the article in which he explains the circumstances of the accident. I can attest to the fact that the, judging by the damage to the vehicle it was a potentially deadly accident. It looked as it the driver’s side door had been sandwiched up against the interior of the passenger side door. In other words, I’m unsure where Rob’s body would have been after the accident.

I did however find this letter which includes a doctor’s findings a couple years after the accident. I’ll read just the relevant portion…

There is a small (3-4mm) focal high attenuation structure located in the anterior soft tissues, apparently within the anterior rectus sheath, immediately adjacent to the anterior peritoneum, presumed to represent a small embedded metallic foreign body. The structure was not apparent on the AP x-ray of the lumbar spine and may represent an area of heterotopic post-traumatic calcification and/or ossification.

Now if you’re a conspiracy theorist of sorts, like myself you may be thinking this sounds very much like what an intentionally implanted device might sound like when described by a doctor with no knowledge of such things, or wanting to avoid any acknowledgement of it. And I would agree, for the most part. Although, it’s also possible that there’s another explanation. There almost always is. I say, almost.

The reason it’s relevant to this video is because, Rob openly suggests that this object HAS been intentionally implanted. He suggests it was done during his medical treatment after his accident. Rob has posted the text of a class action lawsuit he has filed with the Supreme Court. Here are just a few portions…

Is it legal for the United States Federal Government to carry out incredibly brutal acts of violence made to look like accidents against honorably discharged soldiers who have never been formally charged with committing any crime, so they can place us in surgery and stick a microchip in us for tracking purposes via global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking, and then turn around and use that technology in conjunction with wire tapping, among other things, to recreate the prison environment?

Petitioner maintains that respondents carried out an incredibly brutal act of violence against him in the form of a car wreck so they could place him in surgery at The University of Louisville hospital and stick a microchip in him for tracking purposes and then turn around and use this technology to recreate the prison environment.

Rob has actually filed numerous lawsuits against an astonishingly large number of people, all seemingly related to harassment, which he tends to identify as a form of denial of civil rights. He also has identified within a few of these very lawsuits that he suspects the purpose of the harassment is to force him to reenlist in the military so he can be utilized for various purposes. But the lawsuits are generally against common people or very low level authorities.

Here’s an example of one such lawsuit against his landlord’s management company and one of its maintenance employees. The lawsuit reads in part…

The TRUE reason they want me back in the military is so they can ship me off to Afghanistan to write a story about it for recruiting purposes, and then kill me shortly thereafter and make it look like an accident in an attempt to cover up what they just did to me.

It concludes with…

…he is going to spend every single day of the rest of his life convincing as many people as possible to STAY OUT of the US military. Have a nice day!

I certainly can’t disagree with that sentiment. No offense to any veterans of the US military.

In this single example Rob identifies over 160 defendants, ranging from attorneys and law enforcement offices to someone just identified as “Paul,” in which he writes…

“Paul,” who was in my final class at the University of Louisville, Language and Cognition – English 674. After I graduated in 1995, Paul liked to follow me around in his truck and harass me. Then when I moved to Michigan in 1999, Paul was my substitute mail carrier. Then when I moved back home to Lockport, New York, in 2001, Paul moved into the apartment right next to mine.

So what is going on here? Clearly Rob seems to have persecutory delusions that I would bet someone more experienced in these matters than I could more easily determine and gauge. Still, much of what he reports sounds very familiar to what so many have reported about their experience being gang-stalked.

Personally, I find the gang-stalking phenomenon largely confined to the claims while very little actual evidence exists to support them. That might sound cruel or unnecessarily dismissive. But, I’m just explaining what I’ve seen and want to be clear that I don’t rule out all claims of gang-stalking. But, when you look at each individual case for what you and I would agree constitutes factual information you’ll probably find them as sorely lacking as I do.

Then there’s the matter of Rob’s background, which seems to indicate he may come from a military family. At minimum, Rob was himself in the military. Why this gives a boost to the veracity of his claims in my opinion is that, the government is the most likely perpetrator of gang-stalking or other inhumane practices by far. If only one of his more inexplicable claims is actually true, for instance that his former classmate in Kentucky was years later his mailman that after moving to New York became his next door neighbor, then I would be listening to Rob very closely. But, that remains at least for me, uncertain.

I encourage the viewer to check out Rob’s website. It’s an incredible resource of links to what I deem credible and important alternative news. His website address is…www.robkettenburg.com, as spelled here.

Then there’s the whole MTV thing, which you probably thought was going to be the central subject of this video. But it wasn’t, I don’t think. I don’t know. You figure it out.


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