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This video report was originally published in July 2016 by Peter Klein of Tyranny News Network. It was later purged when YouTube deleted the TNN channel.


I can’t recall when I first heard the name Josef Mengele or how I came to learn of his notoriety. Television programming, films & the media no doubt played a role. But I have no idea how I learned of the claims that Mengele was a Nazi war criminal, or that he had been a wanted fugitive, or that he performed inhumane experiments on concentration camp prisoners or that he was known as the Angel of Death.

Were it not for my life taking a very unusual twist where I began a serious re-evaluation of history, I would likely have accepted all the claims without much question. Were I to have become a historian, I might have supported the notion that Mengele was an evil war criminal.

As it stands, I’m far from a historian and in no way an expert in WWII history. But, it’s been my great fortune to have seen proof to my satisfaction that history is largely a sham. I now have a concept of how harmful it is when lies and distortions become the truth and the heritage of unknowing people.

To question history will often earn you the label of historical revisionist. I find that label partly accurate and partly a deliberate attempt to perpetuate historical lies.

My research of Josef Mengele has revealed a man whose character and history of activities have been distorted and invented like no other person I can think of. I haven’t determined how it all came to pass or the specific purpose, but I have a few theories. I do, however conclude that the lies had to originate somewhere and that they were very likely part of a larger deception. WWII is a story rife with deception, many of which are impacting our lives even today. The Mengele deception is key among them.

A few years ago, I became what is referred to as a “holocaust denier.” Disbelief is probably the more accurate term. Denier implies withholding or otherwise preventing someone from an entitlement of some kind. I prefer to think of myself as “anti-holocaust” in that the entire concept was an invention of the Jewish people during the Second World War and I know it to be nothing but a ball of lies.

I don’t take this stance lightly and don’t present this view with the intent to frustrate anyone in some casual debate. My intent is to both open the door to this truth for anyone willing to find it, and to make absolutely clear to the perpetrators of the deception that I intend to fight them head on.

To very briefly clarify my views, I don’t deny that Jews were interned at various internment and work camps in Germany and Poland. Neither do I deny the extremely unpleasant and even deadly experience it was for a vast many of them. It may seem to some that I’m not denying much after all. But when I passed from basic awareness of the holocaust meme into curious interest in the details, nothing added up. Before long, I could see not only blatant lies but got the sense that I was being scammed. I wouldn’t ask anyone to forget what they already know or think they know about the holocaust. Go ahead and keep all of that ready at hand. But consider as well some of what I’m about to share and decide for yourself if you can accept any of it.

I’ll start with just the common use of the label, “holocaust denier” by proponents of the holocaust. Isn’t it possible that the term was deliberately chosen to mischaracterize the person given the label? What exactly am I or others denying occurred? Wouldn’t doubter, or theorist, or revisionist be a more accurate term? But I suppose it could have taken root by sheer coincidence or convenience.

The holocaust meme requires that at least some number of Jews were killed in gas chambers in at least some of the camps. But it’s also supported by literally millions of details, some of which are of atrocities or other violations of human rights. Almost all of those details come from the accounts of the purported, “survivors.” We’re told that the people interned were Polish, Romanian, Soviet, disabled, homosexual and of course, Jewish. In fact, the consensus is that only half were Jewish. Why then is virtually every detail provided to us by Jews?

Kazimir Tafilin was captured by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz. The Nazis saw that he was small, so they made him help build the roof on the crematoria. As he did so, he hid in the cracks of the roof, and then crawled all the way up the 90 foot chimney before jumping to the ground. He claims he was so dehydrated that he just bounced off the ground. He then ran away and could hear his bones rattling as he ran.

As Edie Eger danced for Dr. Mengele, she saw the black smoke from the gas chamber, which likely contained the ashes of her mother. Which is strange as a gas chamber would produce neither smoke nor ashes. Eventually she was thrown in a mass grave in the woods behind the camp, but an American GI spotted her hand move and she was pulled from the pile of corpses.

One woman recalls that, so important was music to Mengele, that he trained one of his dogs to be sensitive to every nuance of his favorite compositions. If ever the woman would play a note inaccurately, the dog would pounce on and viciously bite her. This happened many times when she was forced to perform before Mengele. She had at least ten scars all over her body resulting from dog-bites incurred by lapses in her performance.

The following testimony is from the affidavit of one Regina Bialek.

I was sick with typhus and was picked out at a selection made by Doctors Mengele and Tauber along with about 350 other women. I was made to undress and taken by lorry to a gas chamber. There were seven gas chambers at Auschwitz. This particular one was underground and the lorry was able to run down the slope and straight into the chamber. Here we were tipped unceremoniously on to the floor. The room was about 12 yards square. When the room was full a hissing sound was heard coming from the centre point on the floor and gas came into the room. After what seemed about ten minutes some of the victims began to bite their hands and foam at the mouth and blood issued from their ears, eyes and mouth, and their faces went blue. I suffered from all these symptoms, together with a tight feeling at the throat. I was half conscious when my number was called out by Dr. Mengele and I was led from the chamber.

Mr. Hubert was sent to Buchenwald. ”In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle,” he said. ”Every day, they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick at his bones.” ”But that’s unbelievable,” whispered a visitor. ”It is unbelievable,” said Mr. Hubert, ”but it happened.”

In the Sentinel, an American Jewish weekly it was reported, “It is our belief that Hollywood has made a significant contribution to the war effort by accurately dramatizing this absolutely necessary understanding of the Nazi being.” It goes on to read, “For what human being, no matter how depraved and debauched he might be, could bring himself to stuff infants into soccer ball coverings and kick them around the field as Nazis did to Jewish children at Lvow?” And this wasn’t the only account of this strange behavior. The very chief Rabbi of the British Empire made nearly the exact claim.

Arnold Friedman claims you could tell whether Ukrainians or Poles, or fat or skinny people were being burned in the ovens by the color of the smoke. If blue flames came from the chimney, it was a Hungarian Jew, and if green flames came from the chimney it was a Polish Jew. Arnold blames God, saying “I think God should have asked us for forgiveness.”

William Lowenberg was warned not to drink the water at Auschwitz. But he was given a magic pebble to make saliva, after which he didn’t have to drink water for 3 years.

Bear with me. I have only a couple more examples before returning to the issue of Mengele.

It was claimed that 2 million Jews were killed at the Mauthausen camp. That number was later revised to 14,000.

It was claimed that 1.5 million Jews were killed at the Majdanek camp. That number was later revised to 79,000.

It was first claimed that 7 million Jews were killed at the Treblinka camp. Then the number was revised to 850,000. It has since been decided that no killings occurred at Treblinka.

It was claimed that 4 million Jews were killed at the Auschwitz camps. That number was later revised to 1 million, total.

I could very easily go on with similarly ridiculous accounts. Even before doubting the holocaust narrative, I remember laughing at the story one woman tells of swallowing her diamonds every day and subsequently having to fish them from her shit only to swallow them again. Her story of survival also includes what thousands of others do, of somehow being spared the gas chamber. In her case, she can only remember reaching the door and then being spun around and deposited back outside.

I’ll spare you the needless assessment of these obvious lies. But I suspect many people make a common mistake in judgment at this point. They assume that it would be impossible for thousands of Jews to first invent and then perpetuate for decades the gas chamber narrative. I can find no other explanation than that. But what’s worse is that the whole ball of lies has become the true Jewish religion of the masses. Worse still, is that just reporting what I have here would earn me years in jail in a dozen countries. Many people are doing time at this moment for such a transgression.

It has been labeled, the Holocaust industry for good reason. And that’s not taking into account the enormous sums being extorted by Holocaust survivors and administrators. If you are merely the descendant of a Jew interned in the camps, you can fill out a form and receive regular reparations. Not true if your relative was merely disabled. There are literally hundreds of holocaust memorials and museums throughout the world. Educational programs are introduced in schools regularly. Universities devote entire departments not to world war II history, but to holocaust study and Jewish identity issues. Hollywood consistently awards films depicting holocaust themes.

If you’re still uncomfortable with your own doubts, maybe it’s because you have nowhere left to turn. Nowhere but to the reality that you’re being played. Steven Spielberg knows. Woody Allen knows, and therefore you’re being played.

Joseph Mengele was born on March 16th, 1911 in Gunzburg Bavaria. He was the son of Karl Mengele, an agricultural equipment manufacturer. The family was Catholic and middle class. He had a relatively normal childhood. He was an intelligent and creative child who eventually even wrote plays that were staged as part of local charity fund drives.

In 1931, Mengele joins the Stahlhelm, a youth military combat league. The Stahlhelm strongly advocated for Jewish veterans of WWI. Comparable groups objected to this, as Jewish subversiveness was becoming a popular issue. In 1933 the league was absorbed into the greater national Socialist state.

Despite his father wishing for him to pursue work in the family business, Josef was instead interested in a medical career.

He soon earned his doctorate from Munich University with the dissertation, “Racial-Morphological Study of Lower Jaw in Four Racial Groups.”

He earned a further doctorate at Frankfurt Main University with the dissertation, “Genealogical Studies of Cases of Lip-Palate Cleft.”

In case you were wondering, it’s fairly well established science and in some cases factually obvious that there are differences between the races. Some have more or less vertebrae. Gestational periods vary. Not to mention the more obvious physical differences. Eugenics had long been established as an accepted scientific pursuit by that point, although the theories held varied as widely in Germany as anywhere else.

Mengele officially joined the National Socialist party in 1937, and became an SS officer in 1938. In 1939 he married Irene Schoenbein, and in 1944, Mengele’s only son, Rolf was born. He did see a brief stint of front line action before being injured and deemed unqualified for continued service on the battlefield. It was at this time that some claim he expressly requested to be transferred to Auschwitz. I was unable to find any proof of that. But regardless he was assigned as the primary physician at the Birkenau sub camp at Auschwitz in early 1943.

Claims made about Mengele frequently involve the research of twins, although they almost always claim his work went far beyond research. It’s been claimed that he murdered twins, traumatized twins, performed vivisection on twins, cut twins in half and then sewed their halves together among other things.

The association between Mengele and the study of twins begins when he gets an assistant position for a Professor von Verschauer, who said twin study was “the most efficient method to ascertain inherited human traits, particularly disease.”

In the book, “Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp,” in the chapter entitled, “The Crimes of Josef Mengele” it begins a story in which people in the Birkenau camp became afflicted with an unknown disease. It then specifies that, on Mengele’s instructions the afflicted were moved to a separate barrack within the camp hospital.

It then claims that, again on Mengele’s orders some children were “put to death” and their bodies sent off for further study. He then transferred Dr. Bertold Epstein, a Czech Jew from the Buna satellite camp to oversee barrack 22 in August 1943. Another Czech Jew, Dr. Rudolf Vitek was assigned to assist in the diagnosis and treatment being administered. The book specifies also that under Mengele’s direct supervision, they studied the course and origins of the disease and worked to develop a treatment.

The book admits that Mengele was gentle with the children and came to be called “good uncle” by them. Mengele oversaw the building of a kindergarten in barracks 29 and 31 for the children of what the book refers to as “his experiments” and all children in the camp under 6. Several hundred children visited the kindergarten between 8:00AM and 2:00PM and were well cared for. The facility had walls decorated with colorful paintings of scenes from fairy tales and an outdoor playground, complete with a sandbox, merry-go-round, swings and exercise equipment.

One theme common among the accounts of witness claims, is personal interactions with Mengele himself. For example, despite the book claiming that all twins at the Auschwitz complex received four types of thorough examinations, Mengele performed them all personally with the aid of an assistant. Just the measuring of each patient often lasted hours, it claims.

Mengele, the book states also analyzed body parts during dissection after having killed the patient with an intracardiac phenol injection. Although, it admits that initially ALL dissections were performed by Dr. Jancu Vexler, a Jew from France or Belgium. The book then claims that as late as 1944, a special laboratory and dissecting room was built in the “compounds of crematorium II in Birkenau.”

Any time the concept of a “crematorium” is introduced, it increases the likelihood that a fraud is at work, in my opinion. Mengele then assigns another Jew, Hungarian Miklos Nyiszli, an anatomist and pathologist to perform dissection and analysis in the new facility.

When the book claims that Mengele had a special interest in differential coloring of the eyes, it presents nothing to support the claim. First, it connects Mengele to research into eye coloration by noting that two projects involving similar research were undertaken at the University in which he worked before being assigned to Auschwitz. To connect him specifically to those projects, it states, “…Mengele, joined this research department as collaborator.” Does that sound like confirmation of his participation in any specific projects to you?

The book then goes on to state that Mengele instructed his staff to package and send the eyeballs of deceased prisoners to other locations for some purpose. I was not impressed by the concluding statement, “It appears that these experiments were related to attempts to change eye color by injecting unknown chemical substances into children’s eyes.” The book makes no attempt to explain how it arrives at this conclusion or why the claim is made about only children.

One of the most widely published claims made about Mengele is his involvement in something often referred to as “making selections.” According to many accounts, Mengele was one of a few doctors with the task of deciding who would live and who would immediately face the gas chamber upon arrival at the camp. In an interesting contrast, other SS doctors were said to hate or find the process disgusting even to the point of having to get drunk beforehand. Only a Dr. Fritz Klein and Mengele were said to perform the task without stimulants of any kind. Attached to this storyline is the claim that Mengele never examined or even touched sick prisoners. Selection of who would live or die was made with a mere wave of his hand.

Another Mengele biography of note is “The Last Nazi: The Life and Times of Josef Mengele.” It was first published in 1985, after it was confirmed by all parties concerned that the remains of Mengele had been found. A Chicago Tribune review of the book states, “He often distributed candies to young children and hugged them before he sent them to the gas chambers.” Again, we see the bizarre juxtaposition of wildly different personality traits that I found numerous times in my research. It appeared to me that these were merely invented contradictions intended to temper the largely defamatory claims being made. I think it’s akin to how someone who’s lying will often provide far more details than necessary, presumably to make their lie seem more believable.

One summary of the book claims Mengele earned the nickname, “Angel of Death” because of his innocent, handsome looks and kindness toward people. The book’s author says many “…inmates called him a beautiful person and referred to him as kindly.”

In an article entitled, “What Made this Man? Mengele” Robert Jay Lifton states, “I have preserved the anonymity of the people I interviewed. Those who are identified had previously made themselves known in books or other public documents.” So, It’s not a source of facts so much as it is another example of how Mengele has been portrayed.

The article is full of claims made by various persons that seem to be constructed as supporting evidence of an effort to exterminate the Jews, especially by means of gas chambers. For instance, it includes this passage. “At a trial of former Auschwitz personnel, in Frankfurt in 1964, an inmate who had been assigned to unload the transports recalled only the name of Mengele. When the judge commented, ‘Mengele cannot have been there all the time,’ the witness answered: ‘In my opinion, always. Night and day.'”

A more telling passage reads, “Prisoners sometimes described him as ‘very Aryan looking’ or ‘tall and blond,’ when he was actually of medium height, with dark hair and a dark complexion.”

Other unsourced claims are blatant stories of Mengele’s ruthlessness that contrast his otherwise portrayal as pleasant-natured. For example, “…a mother refused to be separated from her teen-age daughter and scratched the face of the SS trooper who tried to enforce Mengele’s decision. Mengele drew his gun and shot both the woman and her child. Still raging, he ordered that all the people from that transport whom he had previously selected as workers be sent to the gas chamber.” Again here, the emphasis is also on Mengele’s role in murdering thousands in gas chambers.

Another trend among the portrayals of Mengele is not entirely uncommon of many writers or reporters in their attempts to portray people or events. They will often state as fact what is impossible to know. For instance, what a person is thinking or feeling. Take, for example this passage. “Mengele recognized that Auschwitz would permit him to pursue his mentor’s dream. From the hundreds of thousands of prisoners, he could collect twins in quantities never before available to a scientist. What is more, he could exercise total control over them.” The author doesn’t present this as presumption and could otherwise only know what he claims if Mengele had himself told him.

The article might be viewed by some to point to a political or wider problem with this statement. “Mengele was a man, not a demon, and that is our problem.” By, our problem we can assume the author is referring to the difficulty in understanding Mengele. But it could also be seen as a reference to the potential problem of demonizing an otherwise ordinary man for some purpose. That task would certainly be easier with some people than others.

An article that appeared on the Henry Makow website lists a few stories by anonymous authors that go into fair detail, claiming to have been an MK-Ultra or Artichoke subject. What many share is accounts of personal interactions with Mengele. In the first, a woman claiming to still be the victim of abuse states that she, “…spent the better part of my first 3 or 4 years globe hopping with Mengele.”

Before I go further into these accounts, I think it’s important to explain my position on these and similar claims involving ritualized abuse or slave programming. I have not read the book, “Tranceformation of America” by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips. I have, however read many of her accounts and articles about her, and have listened to a few interviews of both Cathy and Mark. While I do suspect many aspects of the tortuous mind-control programming claimed by Cathy and many others did take place, I find Cathy’s story particularly suspicious. There are far more compelling accounts by others that I suspect are truthful and worthy of consideration.

Cathy’s account comes off as being made up of pre-determined sound bytes, after listening for a few hours. When the interviewer asks a question, there’s often either a longer than average delay before responding or a request to repeat the question. Worse still, Cathy will often begin to answer only to veer off into topics and avoid answering the question.

Although Cathy’s account doesn’t include Mengele, she too includes mostly well-known figures in scenarios that seem fantastical. Involvement by lesser known figures is rarely discussed and less detailed. I still think it’s possible she was involved in some of the horrible acts committed under programs like MKUltra, but I have reason to doubt many of her claims.

Ultimately, anyone who knows me or has read anything I’ve written is likely to understand my views are extremely anti-establishment and that I view the US and other governments as being irreparably corrupt. I’m familiar with how far the authorities go to achieve their aims or to simply exploit their power.

Returning to the first person’s account, she claims that, “…Mengele taught my dad to use hypnosis on me.” She goes on to write that, “I was a ‘presidential model’ and still am a Million Dollar Baby,…”

Another account is very similar to the first, and reads, “After being handed over to Mengele, aka Dr. Green, life on the bad lane ramped up. I was handed over, but still under the watchful eye of Mengele, to another handler.”

So, you can see in both accounts elements of uniqueness, importance or significance through exaggerated claims or what might even be persecutory delusion. In my opinion, it’s much more likely that these are just invented elements or the stories are completely false.

A search result led me to my first visit at rogerebert.com. It reviewed a few documentaries showing at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. Among documentaries about Sandy Hook and scientology, there was one entitled, “The Last Laugh,” featuring the obligatory photo of Mel Brooks pretending to be Hitler.

It says point blank that it’s essentially about holocaust jokes and the experience comedians had who dared to include the sensitive topic in their comedy routines. Not surprisingly, a purported female survivor of the camps provides an anecdote about Mengele. The article reads…

“Firestone…recounts a moment when Josef Mengele said to her during a ‘medical examination’ that after the war she really should have her tonsils removed. How could anything be funny about Mengele? But Firestone looks back on the moment, perceives the sheer absurdity of it (and him), and it makes her laugh.”

By the way, “medical examination” is in quotes in the article. So, in this case a woman is describing a doctor, giving her a medical examination and recommending to her that, after the war she have her tonsils removed. Still, neither the woman nor the author can resist stereotyping Mengele as a brutal killer. The absurdity seems more the resistance to even considering that the encounter with Mengele described could have been benign, or even helpful.

I have a final point on Auschwitz and the gas chamber issue, which very much relates to Josef Mengele as he was both a doctor at that camp and said to have sentenced so many to death by gassing.

It’s actually a story told by the son of a woman who spent a few days at Auschwitz in December of 1944, so very near to the war’s end. It is, therefore not a first person account. But I found it very compelling and relatable.

He first gives a detailed account of the circumstances in which his mother wound up in the camp for a few days. She is, by the way six months pregnant at the time. It goes on to read…

She joined a group of about 25 women all fleeing west, in that group were about six or seven Nuns. In late December 1944 one freezing afternoon, the women came into a small township in which were what she describes to this day as , ‘many Factory Buildings’ which was the Auschwitz camp. The Nuns asked the SS Guards if it were possible to spend a night or so there. They were warmly welcomed by the guards.

It was very cold, snowing and getting dark at 4 O’clock in the later afternoon. The Nuns approached the SS Guards and were very pleased to say we could all be sure of a warm and dry place to sleep. But we were told we could not stay long, we had to move on after a short time (2 or 3 days I suspect). I remember it was close to Christmas and there were some decorations, we slept on a wooden floor and it must have been near a bakery, because I remember the sweet smell of Bread. I swapped a Vienna Loaf for a pair of fine leather shoes with someone.

They were ‘alte Herren’ old gentlemen, some quite old and extremely pleased to see the nuns. We were invited to dine with them at a large table, we were very well treated but one thing on which they were firm was we would not be permitted to stay there, we had to move on’.

I asked her if she remembers what was spoken of most of all:

What everyone, without exception wanted was simply to go HOME. The SS men even spoke of AN ARMISTICE They all felt a negotiated peace like WW1 would be arranged and that all would be as it was before the war.

I asked her if there was anything she saw which might suggest millions of people had died there in Gas Chambers. At this, she says something incomprehensible in Russian or Ukrainian and spits on the floor, her facial expression now serious, she looks me in the eye and says:

Look, I was there, 25 of us were there, women talk. In our group there was a Doctor, there was a Chemist, the Nuns were Teachers, I was a Teacher and let me tell you if there had been anything suspicious there we would have known. If there had been millions killed the entire communities around this region would have known and would have talked about it to us. Remember rumors were everywhere, there was no TV and by then no Newspaper, wherever we went locals would ask us about where the Russians were or if the fighting was coming closer.

The fact is none of us saw anything, heard anything or even suspected anything unusual about Auschwitz. The suggestion that the tired but extremely well mannered OLD gentlemen of the SS who treated us so decently, murdered millions of people in Gas Chambers is an outrageous, monstrous lie.

On January 18th, 1945 Mengele left Auschwitz with his research documents. He then traveled from Checoslovakia into Saxony and remained in the area until being apprehended and taken to a prison camp in Weiden. In July, he was transferred to a prison camp in Ingolstadt Bavaria where he is said to have escaped.

Speigal International online doesn’t end the trend of defaming Mengele’s character with unsubstantiated claims and dirty tricks. The proverbial salt in the wound, if you will. In an article about his diaries showing no regrets, we find this passage…

The medical history of the notorious Nazi doctor is so bizarre that it really doesn’t fit the image of the cold and calculating monster of the concentration camps. At some point during the years after he fled prosecution in Germany, Mengele, terrified of being discovered, began chewing off the tips of his mustache hairs and swallowing them. After a few months, the hairs collected in his intestines into balls, blocking his digestive tract. It was a life-threatening condition.

What few if any of these types of articles bother to mention is that, after escaping his internment in the Allied forces camps, Mengele remained in Bavaria for nearly 5 more years before moving abroad. What’s more, he lived under his own name and was not a concern to anyone, neither was he concerned about what was to come.

In 1949, after having worked for a few years as a common stableman he left Bavaria for Argentina where he lived again for a time under his own name. He even went into business selling his family’s line of agricultural machinery. He did this for a number of years before moving to Paraguay. Interestingly, he obtains citizenship there under his own name again.

It wasn’t until the early to mid ’60s that Mengele was alerted that Israeli agents were looking for him. Beginning then and culminating in 1985 Mengele began to rapidly rise in the ranks of wanted fugitives. By 1985, Mengele was the most wanted fugitive in the world, with a bounty of 4 million dollars on his head. The greatest difficulty for his hunters in 1985 was that he had died in 1979.

But it was earlier, in 1960 when the capture & trial of Adolf Eichmann became headline news that Mengele is suddenly a prize to be sought. So began the lauded history of the Nazi hunters. I’ll return to 1960 and the Eichmann trial in a moment. But, Mengele’s death is significant relative to the hunt for Nazis.

In the late ’70s, a friend who later died gifted his identity to Mengele and so he died with the name, Wolfgang Gerhard. On the afternoon of February 7th, 1979, Josef Mengele drowned after suffering a stroke while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil. He was buried in the hills above the beach.

There’s strong evidence and even some admissions that in the late ’70s, a number of Jewish groups and a few nation’s law enforcers were on the trail of Mengele. In my opinion, it seems absurd to accept the claims that Mengele was not on their radar and had eluded them throughout the period.

Theoretically, the value of capturing a dead man wasn’t exactly the hunter’s first choice. It’s possible that they were well aware of Mengele’s death and simply continued the hunt for other purposes. Maybe it was feared that evidence of his presence in the area or living situation would have blown apart other claims made about the man.

Eventually, word got around about the possible death of Mengele, his assumed name and burial location. An investigative team of experts from America, Brazil and West Germany exhumed the grave to determine the identity of the body found there. It was claimed that the grave-digger so damaged the skull when exhuming the body that it was in many small pieces.

So the skull was re-assembled and that, combined with the bones and teeth were analyzed. It reminded me of my experience of finding so little evidence of Mengele when I read about the team not having any dental records for Mengele. That seemed odd, considering he was a physician by trade. Weren’t older dental records at least available? Finally, after an exhaustive search of South American countries someone had the bright idea to check the local town dentists for any x-rays of a Wolfgang Gerhard. Lo and behold, x-rays from only a year prior were found.

But it was even before that, when photo transparencies of Mengele photos were compared to the skull that a match was almost a certainty to the investigators. The x-rays, however clinched it and most nations with any interest in the matter officially declared they had found Mengele’s body. Israel, not surprisingly refused to acknowledge the findings as conclusive. The year was 1985.

One could easily view this video report as being as much or more about organized Jewish programs and practices of deception than about Josef Mengele. That issue, certainly in my opinion is far more concerning and worthy of discussion and action than that of Josef Mengele’s activities during and after World War II.

So, I’ll conclude my presentation of facts related to Mengele. Of those facts though, I think I’ve shared sufficient evidence of a few things; first, that the entire focus on Mengele’s purported atrocities is a critical underpinning of greater historical narratives, mainly the claims of people being gassed by the Nazis. Second, what actual solid evidence of any horrible acts committed by the man is either suspicious or non-extant. I have also shown just a meager sampling of what I’ve grown to expect from holocaust survivor accounts. They are, in large part ridiculous and devious in their invention.

Some argue that fraud vitiates every related matter. I, however don’t strictly believe that to be true. I’m willing to accept that dozens, perhaps even hundreds of holocaust accounts are lies. Yet, to my thinking that doesn’t render the other accounts useless or bogus. But, I admit that it doesn’t add weight to their claims. Neither does all the lies and organized campaigns or perpetuating the lies do the holocaust meme any favors.

I have not proven that Josef Mengele is innocent of any mistreatment or worse of prisoners at Auschwitz, or of anyone else’s innocence. I do think I’ve likely presented that certain claims, were they to be compared and firmly verified would be proven false. Some of those facts are claims made about Mengele. More of them are claims made about Nazi atrocities and life in the camps.

To the question, was Josef Mengele an Angel of Death and brutal psychopath as is commonly claims, I answer, “Probably not and at most, extremely unlikely” But the mere suggestion of that is not unlike suggesting that Hitler was not the instigator of World War II. Considering that the overwhelmingly broad campaign to promote the notion of Jewish extermination by the Nazis is tightly wound up with the Angel of Death notion makes the suggestion of Mengele’s possible innocence extremely controversial or even intolerable.

Similarly, claims that Germany was unjustly blamed for the enterprising plans of the Allied nations in which many would die and the geo-political face of the planet would be changed is certain to cause disdain. Anyone with a vested interest in upholding any false elements of history or keeping secret what would otherwise lead to their imprisonment isn’t going to like these ideas or stand idly by. Other people may only be the benefactors of these deceptive campaigns, and are equally likely to dislike these ideas or stymie any debate on these topics.

What I don’t understand is, how can so many people of varying knowledge of World War II people and events be so singularly minded in their support of any and all claims of German-brand evil? What most people don’t understand is how I could even have the opinions that I do or how I could even ask such questions. I suppose, to them it is either a respect for others or an undeserving respect for authority that steers them away from these ideas, be they the truth or not.

You’re probably familiar with projecting, or psychological projection. It’s the theory that, some people react in defense of their own actions or qualities, be they good or bad by assigning them to someone else. For example, a closeted homosexual person who loudly protests against other homosexuals. Or in the case of an ugly political race, both candidates will often make nearly-identical claims against each other. It seems that this may be a partly effective way to misdirect attention from one’s self. But, as I think may be the case with many holocaust memes, it can also attract attention to one’s self and one’s criminal behavior.

Methinks thou doth protest too much. Even now, I’m unable to firmly state that some groups, be they political in nature, cultural or even whole races could be inclined to horrible deceptions. Yet, I’m constantly disappointed to learn more facts, more details, more dots to connect that point to the Jewish identity and some of their religious groups being involved in numerous and complicated, criminal conspiracies.

The time didn’t afford the chance for me to present further evidence of this within issues outside of World War II. But there’s plenty of evidence pointing to this, from the Bolsheviks leading up to World War II to the financing of all things destructive, to the ongoing take-over of many western governments and institutions.

Once someone acquires only a minimal knowledge of just some key aspects of the world’s affairs and recent history, it becomes very easy to see how they connect in ways that some simply don’t expect. How could Mel Brooks be in anyway connected to a conspiracy to claim a plot existed to exterminate the Jews? For one, he’s a respected member of Hollywood’s ruling echelon. That group is involved in ongoing holocaust promotion. Jewish people involved in the media at large are acutely insistent on support for the notion of Jewish discrimination, defamation and even their supremacy.

They often ask that others treat them differently, as victims or otherwise persecuted, which all of the holocaust memes do nothing but encourage and support. So, it’s far from as simple as matter as “guilt by association” to suggest that Mel Brooks is in some way participating in these deceptions, or worse.

I’m sure to be accused of anti-Semitism with this video report. To which I say, go ahead, but I don’t believe you. Not only do I not support use of the term, but I have only grown more opposed to the aims of some Jewish groups as this “anti-Semitism” concept has grown to epidemic proportions. The ADL has declared it their greatest concern. It’s very existence is tied to a suspicious event that looked more to me like an undertaking of justice than some form of discrimination worthy of creating an entire league to combat.

I’ll call it what I strongly suspect it truly is, a historical, dangerous, cowardly, unfair and immoral, criminal conspiracy against humanity itself. But, unlike so many who can simply point off in some direction and shout, It was Germany and the Nazis, I can only point at one person at a time. Not even the ADL itself will ever catch me boldly accusing their every employee of being a criminal of some kind.

In truth, I wouldn’t dare discriminate against a Jew or anyone else for that matter. That is, unless they personally demonstrate that they themselves hurt or steal from others, condone such behavior or observe it in silence.

Which leads me to the final suggestion I have for those who would refuse to follow the truth to wherever it may lead. Sever your ties to any group who’s activities often produce harm or theft. Denounce any support of groups that harm or steal as a common practice. Sever ties with and denounce any group suggesting their members are superior to others or have unique entitlements. And yes, I’m aware that Judaism itself operates largely based on that concept.

Thank you for watching.


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