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Rarely do I produce a video summary of an investigation that I hope will attract attention from the very subject of the video or a US law enforcement agency. However, this video begs for such an outcome. You see, what I’m about to show you is about a person who was once and may still be wanted by the FBI for questioning related to his involvement in the 911 attacks. What may surprise you, among other tantalizing discoveries is that this person is highly visible and can easily be found by a US agency or the FBI were they interested. I’ll also show you very convincing evidence that this isn’t a case of mistaken identity. Some of that evidence actually includes both covert and overt references to the 911 attacks and related subjects.

The person who is the subject of this video is one, Dominik Suter. And don’t worry if the name doesn’t ring a bell, as I’m going to jog your memories right now.

The story begins in 1996 at a company called Urban Moving Systems, which was located at  3 West 18th Street in Weehawken New Jersey. Note first how close this address is to ground zero in lower Manhattan. When we look at the address today, we see that whatever buildings stood at the location have been demolished, leaving not much really.

The business once stood where the arrow is shown on the left, or the arrow shown on the right. I wasn’t able to confirm this, but this photo has been reported by a few independent researchers as being the location back in 2001.

Fast forward to September 2001, and it was in this location that the FBI was conducting an investigation, confiscating many boxes of documents, 15 computers and a network server. Dominik Suter’s own lawyer confirms that Dominik was the owner of Urban Moving Systems and that the FBI did question him in late September. But a few days later, when the FBI wanted to interview Mr. Suter again, he was gone. All of this is confirmed by the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety.

Producers from ABC’s 20/20 report to have gained access to the company sometime in December 2001 and reported that the business appeared clearly to have shut down in a hurry. Cell phones and personal effects were lying around; the phones were still connected with hundreds of messages waiting. There were job applications still to be processed, and the property of dozens of families packed in the warehouse. Dominik Suter moved out of his New Jersey home in a hurry too, only having time to put it up for sale.

Shortly after, New Jersey Attorney General John J. Farmer, Jr., and Division of Consumer Affairs Director Mark S. Herr announced that they had obtained a court order giving inspectors from Consumer Affairs access to the facility allowing consumers access to retrieve their goods and belongings. The State, at the same time, filed a lawsuit in Hudson County Superior Court against Urban Moving Systems and its owner Dominik Suter alleging violations of both the State’s Consumer Fraud Act and regulations set forth in the Public Movers and Warehousing Licensing Act. I couldn’t find any results of the suit, but did find many reports that Suter had fled to Israel.

But if you weren’t already familiar with Suter and Urban Moving Systems, by now you’re probably very curious to learn what the big deal was and why Suter was even linked to 911. I’ll start explaining that by reminding you of the purported “Dancing Israelis.” Whether any Israelis were dancing atop a white van and celebrating the destruction of the world trade center or not, they were confirmed by the FBI to have existed and to be employees and contractors of Urban Moving Systems. Cutting more to the chase, the company was also almost certainly a Mossad front company. The FBI’s largely redacted report on just the dancing Israelis is close to 1,800 pages in length. And, if that weren’t enough to rattle your common sense, one of the company’s vans stopped by police on 911 was found to contain explosives residue. But it was one van in particular that simply can’t be explained except as confirmation that Suter had been acutely aware of the 911 attack plans well in advance of the event.

The following is a portion of the transcribed text of an emergency dispatch radio transmission from 9/11:

“I got a message on that uh plane, it’s a big truck with a mural painted of a… of an airplane diving into New York City and exploding. No one’s in the truck, the truck is in between 6th and 7th on King Street.“

Although there are a few images on the web depicting such a van with a mural as described, they are revealed to be only visual simulations. I have never actually seen an image of any such van but the audio transmission appears to be authentic. And, as such it’s extremely curious to say the least.

But it gets weirder. The van appears to have exploded. Let’s now look at a portion of what was reported in the Mineta Transportation Institute report, Lessons Learned in the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.In it, there is the following transcribed police audio transmission…

“We got both suspects under Kay, we have the suspects who drive…drove in the van, the van exploded – we have both of them under Kay let’s get some help over here…”

When researchers went over the audio transmissions from 9/11 they learned that two “Middle Eastern” suspects ran away from and then detonated a bomb in the “mural-van” and were then apprehended. It was clear to them that both were arrested by police and perhaps beaten. Later, they are confirmed to have have been allowed passage to Israel. But returning to the MTI report, it reads…

“Fearing that it might be a truck bomb, the NYPD immediately evacuated the area, called out the bomb squad, and detained the occupants until a thorough search was made. The vehicle was found to be an innocent delivery truck.”

So, although the official account makes no mention of an explosion, it does confirm the presence of a bomb squad. Other Urban Moving Systems vans were stopped that day as well, yet bomb squads were not dispatched in those cases.

At this point, I think that Dominik Suter’s involvement in the 911 attacks on a strategic and criminal level has been well established. But just for good measure and to fill in some gaps that might be helpful for viewers of this video, I’ll reference a few other passages from the unredacted portion of the FBI report.

Relevant to the day to day operations of Urban Moving Systems, we see the following…

A former Urban Moving Systems employee that later contacted the Newark division with information indicating that he had quit his employment with Urban Moving Systems due to high amount of anti-American sentiment among Urban’s employees. The former employee stated that an Israeli employee of Urban had even once remarked, “Give us 20 years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country.”

Continuing from another testimony from one of the company’s employees…

“The other helpers all seemed to be Russians, Hungarians and Israelis. They always spoke in Hebrew in his presence. He also advised that these other foreign nationals and ______ of the company, __________ had frequent meetings in the company’s office, and he and the other non-Jewish employees were never invited to join them.”

From the FBI’s account of the photographs confiscated from Urban employees stopped by police on 911 we see…

FBI-NK developed the film, which had several photos of the World Trade Towers with smoke coming out of at least one of the towers. Since the volume and density of the smoke did not seem to be very great, it appeared that the photographs were taken at a very early stage in the WTC event.

Also interesting to note is that, one of the white vans operated by Urban was stopped and the occupants were clearly not intent on being truthful when questioned. Most notably, when asked where they were going they replied that they were heading to a pick up of furniture and belongings, which as a moving company made sense. When asked specifically where, they began giving vague responses but after further questioning were unable to actually provide an address. Had they not been stopped and were merely heading to a pick up as was usual, they wouldn’t have been very successful.

Lastly, relating to the vans and their occupants the FBI also confiscated a travel itinerary for one of the arrested Urban employees. The dates for travel were highly suspicious given the timeline of the 911 attacks. It shows that on the 15th of June, this person departed from Tel Aviv Israel, ending up in Athens Greece. The itinerary doesn’t contain arrival destinations or times, but we can suppose that from Athens they departed on June 15th for New York. Then, a flight was scheduled to depart New York on September 12th for Athens, and on to Tel Aviv. I think it’s an absolutely reasonable conclusion that this itinerary is likely that of someone with foreknowledge of the911 attacks.

I deem myself an expert in the research of the 911 conspiracy, which I can not claim about nearly any other topic. So, it’s with a deep understanding and awareness of the phenomenon that I can make a few assessments. First, it should at least be known that I suspect that 911 was not a crime in and of itself, but rather a cover-up crime for the primary purpose of covering up a lengthy chain of former crimes. That’s as in depth an assessment I’ll give in this presentation relative to the event’s purpose.

But I also think it’s relevant to note my experience that the 911 event details have always been notoriously cloaked under the guise of national security. So, I don’t find it unusual at all that there’s apparently little reported about the investigating agency’s interests in Dominik Suter. In other words, what ever happened to the FBI’s interest in Suter and what they themselves show to be clear points of connection to the conspiracy?

And I want to be clear that the FBI is confirmed to have been very interested in Suter. Both Finnish and Italian authorities provided American journalists with a list they had been given by the FBI. The list contained the names of suspected terrorists and collaborators wanted for questioning or extradition under suspicion of involvement in the 911 attacks.

The list contained the name, Dominick Otto Suter, his social security number, the birth year 1970 and list of known addresses. The addresses included 28 Harlow Crescent Road, Fair Lawn New Jersey, 312 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City New Jersey and 15000 Dickens Street, Suite 11, Sherman Oaks California. Also on the list was a, Ornit Levinson, alias Ornit Suter. That name was shown connected to the same 3 addresses as Dominick Suter and having the same birth year of 1970.

Are we to assume that the many remaining questions were answered sufficiently to satisfy the FBI that he was not involved in 911? You know, I’ll just bet that they may make that exact claim. But what’s probably a more likely scenario is the FBI and all other agencies with a stake in the event will simply remain silent or even refuse to provide any further information.

And therein lies the rub. You, yourself having learned what I’ve just presented could hardly believe that our speculations are just that, and that Suter is not a criminal 911 conspirator. And yet, despite that without the aid of the authorities responsible for resolving this gross injustice you are left with few options other than to live with known 911 criminals doing Lord knows what.

Which brings me to the remaining question, what is Dominik Suter up to these days. Surely he hasn’t been involving himself in other international crimes or conspiracies. So let’s take a look. I told you that he can be easily found. All that it took me to find him was a simple search on the web.

A Google search for the name “Dominik Suter” turns up a LinkedIn result on the first page of results. That profile includes the overview…

“DDoS (which is Denial of Service) Protection + Cyber Security Expert. 24/7 Hotline Chat NOW, Skype: Dominik.Suter (presumably his Skype account name) – DDoS / Growth Hacker for Startups. One of the companies he’s listed as being affiliated with is Imperva Incapsula. Here’s the company website. A search for the name “Suter” there returns no results. But we see listed under management, Yaniv Shaya who is shown to have served in the Intelligence Technology unit of the Israel Defence Forces as an officer and system engineer. He also earned an MBA, Cum Laude from Tel Aviv University.

The only other professional named Dominik Suter shown on the page has the same profile photo. When we look at the listing, we see an overview reading…

“Chief Detonator at KickOff Agency.” When we visit the website of that company, Suter is referenced in a Meetup notice. COME TO OUR NEXT MEETUP. Trends in Visual Content Marketing, a Free Presentation on: Wednesday, November 25, 2015, Google Campus TLV 98 Yigal Alon st. Floor 34 (Electra Tower) Tel-Aviv. Trends in Visual Content Marketing: Videos, Infographics, Images and more. How do they impact your startup’s, Growth hacking, Marketing and Sales, Strategies and Ops. Presenters: Dominik Suter and Tamar Weiss.”

Now I thought that after finding not much else through Internet searches or the research of other investigators I might have reached a dead end. That would not have been unusual, and I had learned a lot about Suter’s professional activities. But, after a little more digging I came upon an almost shocking twist. Sure enough, true to the natue of intelligence operative’s tendencies Suter has what appears to be an almost alternate life.

I found, on a Swiss site called Backpack & Camper an article featuring one, Dr. Dominik Suter. The version I’m presenting now is actually the result of Google translate, so the translation is only approximate. But I will read a few segments in order to show how strikingly different this Suter seems to be. The first strange difference is the added title, doctor. One would assume that a moniker and professional background of that type would have been almost certainly featured on one’s LinkedIn profile. But it’s the first time I’m seeing it used.

The article reveals that Suter is apparently the CEO of Motor home and caravan manufacturer, Dethleffs. The article further reads…

The avid recreational athletes (including Delta flies) and self-confessed workaholic is facing more than 800 employees and is responsible for an annual turnover of more than 300 million euros. His Lebensphilosohpie: “Success does not tolerate half-heartedness.” The 44-year-old Swiss has a doctorate in law, married with two children.

It all seems to check out that, this is in fact the same Dominik Suter. There’s also the odd but interesting mention of “Delta Flies.” And the FBI report as well as research of a few other investigators agreed that he was or had been married with two children.

But it still seems like a remote possibility that this is merely another person with the same name and remarkably similar personal demographics. So, I recalled that both LinkedIn profiles included a picture of Suter. Finding another article about Suter, the CEO of Dethleffs with a more appropriate photo for comparison, I placed them side by side and what do you know? He’s our man. Although, talk about workaholic. He seems almost to be living two lives simultaneously.

I decided to dig deeper into the Swiss Suter, with a doctorate in law and CEO of a motor home manufacturer. And that led me to this. It was at this point that I felt much more sure that Suter is, indeed an field intelligence operative operating internationally and likely for Israel and possibly the Swiss.

Here we see Suter listed on the Swiss Confederation Army’s website with the title, Oberstit Dominik Suter, apparently an officer in Infantry Brigade 7. Recall that Urban Moving Systems in America was founded by Suter in 1996. However, we see here under military career that Suter has been in Swiss military service continuously from 1997 to the present time, now as a commander.

What the hell, people? I know this world is upside down and turned inside out. But how are we to accept all of this without demanding some answers? Does anyone think the US intellegence and military apparatus has been simply either outsmarted or lacks the global authority to find and capture Suter on behalf of everyone suffering as a result of the 911 fiasco? I doubt that. No, the reasonable conclusion is that the US authorities aware of Suter’s activities since before 911 are perfectly happy that we’re not demanding his capture.

I’m no spring chicken or overly sensitive to the harsh reality of our decaying society. But, I’m somewhat overwhelmed to have to add this to the already enormous pile of ugly truths. So I ask you, the viewer in whatever capacity you’re in and with whatever abilities you have to decide for yourself if you could and if you should help in some way. Are you fed up and twitching to get active in some way, armed with this information? It surely can’t be done by any individual, but maybe you have ideas as to how to form a group that would stand a chance of getting some action taken here.

This is definitely one of those mini-investigations that, if dropped will likely leave me feeling dirty. But that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t know what the best course of action is at this point. Maybe you do. If so, feel more than welcome to contact me and I will provide whatever help I think I can. Or, if you have ideas you prefer to pursue through other channels, then God speed. And at minimum, thank you for watching this presentation.

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